What do you do when you desperately need a green corner inside your house or on the terrace nearby? You simply start gardening, buying seeds, plants and bags of good soil. But when you don’t have enough space? You have to make the most of a small … vertical garden! After a brainstorming, Sub Studio decided to hang lots of pots on a wall outside the Nou Restaurante in Pinheiros, São Paulo. The terrace had a lighting and landscaping treatment in order to make the space more enjoyable. It may be seem very austere, but, in the end, the solution is very beautiful and functional. When you’re sitting on a table, having a coffee or enjoying a lemonade, a fresh, green wall looks better than a blank concrete upright construction. This space may be small, but it lives large with a seating area, a charming sky panorama and a multitude of plantings. The open area gives a sense of movement, and the lime-color plants add brightness to a shady corner. So, forget grand gardens, expansive rolling hills and giant ranches. A serene or functional garden can fit in any type of space. Have a look!

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