Japanese studio No.555 Architectural Design Office created the Kre House for a hardcore sport car enthusiast.

Have you ever loved your cars so much you wanted to design a house around them? Well, that’s exactly what Takuya Tsuchida did. His nine-car garage home features a car elevator. An elevator lift brings the favorite car of the moment right into the living room! Due to the space limitations, Tsuchida built the garage as the ground floor and placed a modular living area on top of it. Lamborghini becomes the true centerpiece to this modern home, but the system provides enough flexibility to change that around on a whim.

Kre House-designrulz-001

According to the architects: “The house is located in the high-end residential area. The most remarkable requests in the various clients’ demands are “garage space for nine cars”, “the most favorite car in the living room” and “high tree in the living room”. Since all the request are not able to be accommodated on the project site, the building itself was designed as a big “Living Room”. Utilizing the entire basement, nine cars are able to be parked. Lamborghini is my favorite, by a custom-made lift is a lift to the living room floor. When the lift is lowered, making the system closed other movable floor. Various height and size rooms are floated randomly in the big living space. Structurally, light steel structure boxes are hanged from or attached to the reinforced concrete box. These randomly floating boxes keep adequate distance and height with the car and the high tree and create attractive open space. Spaces under the boxes have invisible borderline and each space has the different functions according to the height. Though there are numbers of large scale items in this house, instead of setting the usual layer of floors, random floating boxes make the spacious living area possible.”

Kre House-designrulz-002 Kre House-designrulz-003 Kre House-designrulz-004 Kre House-designrulz-005 Kre House-designrulz-006 Kre House-designrulz-007 Kre House-designrulz-008 Kre House-designrulz-009 Kre House-designrulz-010 Kre House-designrulz-011 Kre House-designrulz-012 Kre House-designrulz-013 Kre House-designrulz-014 Kre House-designrulz-015 Kre House-designrulz-016 Kre House-designrulz-017 Kre House-designrulz-018 Kre House-designrulz-019 Kre House-designrulz-020 Kre House-designrulz-021 Kre House-designrulz-022 Kre House-designrulz-023 Kre House-designrulz-024 Kre House-designrulz-025 Kre House-designrulz-026 Kre House-designrulz-027