dmvA Architecten located in mechelen, belgium has recently completed ‘extension vB4‘ an addition to an A-frame house.

a frame-designrulz-001

dmvA Architecten constructed this small triangular shaped home on a former recreational lot, and though permits and provisioning had restricted a few areas there wasn’t any holding back on the design.  It’s a pretty small place at just 861 square feet, but the interior looks spacious in a mostly white setting, complete with modern classic furniture and just the essentials. The front and backside of this beautiful space are completely glazed, and the “floating” structure is a sight to see, especially with the stark contrasts in finishes on the outside. The back and front of the home is fully glazed with a movable partition  wall which allows for uninterrupted views of the adjacent garden and pond.

a frame-designrulz-002 a frame-designrulz-003 a frame-designrulz-004 a frame-designrulz-005 a frame-designrulz-006 a frame-designrulz-007 a frame-designrulz-008 a frame-designrulz-009 a frame-designrulz-010 a frame-designrulz-011 a frame-designrulz-012