Studio 65 has definitely created the most extraordinary outdoor furniture with iconic design. It’s the notorious Colonna collection. Inspired by the Ionic architecture order, Studio 65 designed a seat, chaise and side table for lounging entitled Colonna. By literally breaking down a column, the designers developed three seating units, each with a well designed personality.

‘Colonna’ – a capital, complete with volutes, functions as a chaise lounge

The Ionic volute, which is the upper part of the column and was not by chance called Capitello, becomes a luxurious chaise lounge. The middle piece (“Attica”) is a cozy seat with a dotted black and white cushion- a small, yet very interesting addition to the overall composition. “Attica TL” is the base, consisting of a central table with a glass top.

You can stack them back one on the other and in this way recompose the entire Column in its monumental and playful daring. The creative furniture collection- which we are certain appeals to those of you living for classic design inspiration- is available for purchase at Gufram.

Colonna-designrulz__002 Colonna-designrulz__003 Colonna-designrulz__004 Colonna-designrulz__005 Colonna-designrulz__006