Architect Chut Cuerva has sent us images of the house he designed (with Tisha de Borja) for himself and his family in Batangas, Philippines. The Batangas House is a bright, airy and open home with a strong, modern street presence and an interior focus on the sea beyond.  Aside from a few natural wood accents, the home is largely white– making the furnishings and the inhabitants themselves the home’s primary colors.  The rear of the home opens to a large furnished patio with wide and open views of the coastal Batangas environment.  The seas stretch to the horizon, dotted with rising rocks and mountainous islands, providing a picturesque backdrop to life in the Batangas House.

Batangas HOUSE-designrulz-001 Batangas HOUSE-designrulz-002 Batangas HOUSE-designrulz-003 Batangas HOUSE-designrulz-004 Batangas HOUSE-designrulz-005 Batangas HOUSE-designrulz-006 Batangas HOUSE-designrulz-007 Batangas HOUSE-designrulz-008 Batangas HOUSE-designrulz-009