This amazing piece of artwork erected by South African artist Marco Cianfanelli, stands on the spot where Nelson Mandela was arrested 50 years ago. The monument is constructed out of 50 separate steel bars to represent 50 years since the capture.

“This is a moment and place in the history of South Africa, which has enormous significance. The opportunity to mark this in a manner which builds on the legacy of the event, is one recognized by the uMngeni Municipality who have put in place a plan and process to do so. The purchase of the property opposite the actual capture site and the implementation of the design process to develop a multi-purpose heritage site, is a commitment to realise this.”

The sculpture is 10m tall and made from 50 steel columns anchored in concrete to symbolize the prison. From a few pictures I saw of it, it looks like you can actually walk through the piece.


Cianfanelli-designrulz-002 Cianfanelli-designrulz-003 Cianfanelli-designrulz-004 Cianfanelli-designrulz-005 Cianfanelli-designrulz-006 Cianfanelli-designrulz-007