Designed by Drucker Arquitetura, AM residence was designed for an entrepreneur who, despite living alone, has an intense social life. The land on a steep slope in Alto de Pinheiros neighborhood, discloses a valley dense with trees. These intentions are unfolded in the opening of views, in the adequacy of the implantation to the topography and isolation. “Wrapped” in windows, this contemporary building exhibits an elegant minimalist style, appearing airy and light, despite its massive size. A generous courtyard with just enough parking space, green relaxation spots and an originally looking swimming pool casts an opulent impression when it comes to the property. Structured on four levels, the AM House is perfect for a big family living life at large.

AM House-designrulz-001 AM House-designrulz-002 AM House-designrulz-003 AM House-designrulz-004    AM House-designrulz-008 AM House-designrulz-009 AM House-designrulz-010





AM House-designrulz-011 AM House-designrulz-012 AM House-designrulz-013 AM House-designrulz-014 AM House-designrulz-015

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AM House-designrulz-022 AM House-designrulz-023 AM House-designrulz-024 AM House-designrulz-025  AM House-designrulz-027

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