Spotted on, this 561 m2 home was built only two years ago. The exterior of the house features an elegant paved entrance area, as well as wonderful patios. An exciting pond with koi fish and a waterfall provides a continuous light show accompanied by a relaxing murmur. The glass and wood facade elements are joined in an attractive architectural unity. The main floor features a magnificent, spacious living room, dining room and kitchen in an open layout and with amazing views, as well as a bedroom and an office. Direct access to the terrace with a fireplace and the pond. The lower level has two bedrooms, a family room and a luxurious spa and pool, steambath and sauna, as well as a wine cellar. An underground passage with a den, machine room and storage area, leads to a large garage of about 60 m2. The entire house is equipped with the very latest in technology, sound and lighting.

Wood and glass facade
Its high location commands an unobstructed view of Askrikefjärden Bay to the north, and the meadows toward Elfvik inlet to the south.
A lounge area on the terrace.
The inhabitants enjoy a beautiful landscape around the house.
The exterior of the house features an elegant paved entrance area, as well as wonderful patios.

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