Most of us know what it’s like to wake up from a short nap feeling super energized and recharged, and there’s a good reason for that. Even a two to five minute nap can perk you up. The chairs we present you today are perfect for a nap room at the office and we suggest you should try them one day. The MVS Chaise is perfect for a rejuvenating rest or quick nap. Although the recliner looks like a sculptural object at first glance, its comfort becomes immediately apparent upon use. The resilient material conforms to the body and is exceptionally soft and elastic. The frame’s construction makes it easy for users to shift their weight from a sitting to a reclining position. Sway is a rocking chair by Markus Krauss from Germany. This oversized beauty can be fixed to a solid stand or will be your new rocking sofa replacement.

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Twenty minutes of sleep in the afternoon recharges your body and mind and provides the extra push required to have a successful, productive day, pleasing both you and your employer.
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A five to twenty minute nap can improve your motor skills and performance.

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