Hamish Monk Architecture created this modern residence for a client in Auckland, New Zealand. The brief was for a new house on a challenging to seek out a quiet architectural expression, one that is devoid of excessive articulation and noise; a silent witness to its surroundings. The aim of the project was to create a quietly elegant structure that would not upset its surrounding environment. From the point of entry the house offers a range of spatial experiences across the width of the floor plate; transitioning from a hunkered almost subterranean position in the landscape to an elevated position perched in the tree canopy.

Waiatarua House-designrulz-001 Waiatarua House-designrulz-002 Waiatarua House-designrulz-003 Waiatarua House-designrulz-004 Waiatarua House-designrulz-005 Waiatarua House-designrulz-006 Waiatarua House-designrulz-007 Waiatarua House-designrulz-008 Waiatarua House-designrulz-009 Waiatarua House-designrulz-010 Waiatarua House-designrulz-011 Waiatarua House-designrulz-012 Waiatarua House-designrulz-013 Waiatarua House-designrulz-014 Waiatarua House-designrulz-015 Waiatarua House-designrulz-016 Waiatarua House-designrulz-017 Waiatarua House-designrulz-018 Waiatarua House-designrulz-019 Waiatarua House-designrulz-020 Waiatarua House-designrulz-021