The new boutique of SimplyRoad company is opened in Kiev. It offers clothing and accessories for motorcycle fancy. The vintage-style store space has been created by Ukrainian designer Yaroslav Galant. The boutique is situated in the old mill at BikeRock-n-Roll Club ROUTE66 territory. Cyllindrical shape of the the abandoned mill with high ceiling and spiral stairs has determined the choice of design solution. That is smart industrial style, the designer’s favorite one. It is perfectly agreed with boutique subjects.

According to the author, that is a remarkable loft space. He only had to remove all unnecessary things to use advantages of the existing architecture and roughness of native materials. Preliminary working exposed old brickwork, concrete elements and amusing historical quotation. That is the unexpected decorative pattern on the wall. White painting revealed the brickwork texture, uncovered concrete fragments and dynamic form of winding stairs leading nowhere. Cosmic black ceiling emphasizes on the surrealistic space composition. All of the furnishing and lightning elements are invented by designer. Rugh, almost crude wood boards and colored water-pipes were used to manufacture the clothes rack. The natural stone is used as a motorcycle helmet pedestal. It is mounted on the textured wooden support. Its elements are fastened by metal strings.001

The ceiling lights and two wall lamps are assembled from metal elements, shaped according to designer’s drafts. Edison lamps provide warm and soft light. The stand lamp holds three uncovered lamps. Glove holder is built into the wall. They both are made from water-pipes. Their bends are used as shelves for catalogs and magazines. Water-pipes are also used to cover electric wiring.

Industrial lorry was used as a prototype for the visitors’ sofa. It is covered by the sacking and tarpaulin materials. They are decorated with colored stamps used for cargo transportation at the old time. The cargo transport theme is also developed by the coffee table on rough metal wheels. The table was made from the wooden boards. They look like being pulled out of different old boxes. Learn more about the Yaroslav Galant’ works at the official site of his design-studio:

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