California-based architectural firm Griffin Enright Architects has designed the Ross Residence.

As its name suggests, this modern single story home is Ross, a small town in Marin County, California,  just north of San Francisco. This is a renovation that transforms an existing residence by extending and extruding folded geometries of the existing roofines to create a contemporary home in the country. A new open living, dining kitchen area with ample wall space for the owner’s art collections is created under the dynamic new roof which splits to bring clearstory light from the east, while simultaneously creating intimacy and differentiation among interior spaces. A new deck at the front of the house floats at the edge of the existing stream and provides a new outdoor area extending the living space. The new chef’s kitchen is outfitted for entertaining and yet detailed with furniture like cabinetry details. The fireplace and TV are cleanly organized in a long slot along the western wall behind a metal mesh curtain that allows the TV to be hidden when not in use. A custom white powder-coated steel hearth floats off the wall and provides seating at the fireplace.

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