This weekend house was designed on a large lot. Framed by two large walls placed orthogonally over one of the corners of the lot, an H-shaped layout was designed, dividing the lot in three well differentiated areas. To the front, there is the access driveway for cars and pedestrians; on the northeastern side, there is the pool and leisure area; and, finally, on the southern side, there is the service and garage area. The plan is very big and more developed on the ground floor, which allowed for the creation of a big terrace that benefits from the views onto the garden and the swimming pool and also articulates functionally the private area of the upper floor bedrooms with the playroom and the gallery on the ground floor. In the center of the H there is the family area, made up of the kitchen, the informal dining room and the main gallery, which connects it to the playroom and the barbecue area.

Pilar House-designrulz-001 Pilar House-designrulz-002 Pilar House-designrulz-003 Pilar House-designrulz-004 Pilar House-designrulz-005 Pilar House-designrulz-006 Pilar House-designrulz-007 Pilar House-designrulz-008 Pilar House-designrulz-009 Pilar House-designrulz-010 Pilar House-designrulz-011 Pilar House-designrulz-012 Pilar House-designrulz-013 Pilar House-designrulz-014 Pilar House-designrulz-015 Pilar House-designrulz-016 Pilar House-designrulz-017 Pilar House-designrulz-018 Pilar House-designrulz-019 Pilar House-designrulz-020 Pilar House-designrulz-021 Pilar House-designrulz-022 Pilar House-designrulz-023 Pilar House-designrulz-024 Pilar House-designrulz-025 Pilar House-designrulz-026