Casa Rio Bonito is a weekend home located in Rio Bonito, a mountain region east of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The proximity of the river was a significant factor in the siting of the project. Minimal in its design, the interior consists of a bedroom, a living room with kitchen and a bathroom” which partitions the set. Light and airy, the space is dormers and bay windows that provide continuity between inside and outside. This modern cabin explores the contrasts between rusticity and modernity, minimum weight and solid elements, solid and void. Two stone bearing walls of 1.10 meters in thickness support four steel beams which carry the roof and floor joists. Two voids puncture the roof at either end of the structure, washing the interior surface of the stone bearing walls with light and creating a stark contrast between the weight of the structure and lightness of the roof and floor which float above the rough ground. In contrast to the floor to ceiling glazing offering views to the river at the front facade, openings at the back facade give vertical continuity to the large openings above.

Photographs: Nelson Kon

For more information, visit the Carla Juaçaba.


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