Key-holders, lamps, candles and even clocks. Have you aver noticed the variety of avatars a tea cup can embrace? If no, have a look on the gallery below and try to imagine how would your house look like decorated in porcelain! For example, you can  take some old tea cups and fill them with hot liquid wax; add several drops of perfume and after cooling you’ll have a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. Do you find your wall clock boring and unattractive? Take a round piece of board or plastic, paint it in your favorite color and glue 12 tea cups on a circle similar to numbers’ position on a classic clock. Ask a clock maker how to install the mechanism and it’ll work properly the next day! With minimal modification, fine porcelain objects are transformed from clutter into chic, contemporary, cozy pendant lamps with low voltage halogen bulbs inside of them. If you’re search for a perfect hanging lamp over your rustic dinner table you have found it! Prove yourself you’re clever, resourceful and very handy!

Ideas of how to reuse old tea cups
Spots of light
Colorful tea cups instead of numbers. What time is it? No matter what position the sun is in, these clocks scream, “It’s tea time!” :)
Build some unconventional storing items!
Jewelry stands
Tea pots and cups support the lamp shade.
Illuminate your evenings with a string of enchanted teacup fairy lights.
Create a charming lamp base just by stacking several thrift-store teacups!
Want a more practical lighting solution? This simple pendant light made from a teacup make a striking décor statement.

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