Stunning Swiss Alps views aren’t the easiest to come by, but the Heinz Julen Penthouse is a great example of prime chalet real estate in the Zermatt village.

Zermatt’s internationally acclaimed architect, Heinz Julen, designed this extraordinary double-level 260m2 penthouse. With concepts such as a fireplace nesting in the middle of the living-room window, and original hand-made furniture (including Julen’s famous chandeliers and chairs), it has featured in several designer magazines.

Furnished and always ready as a rentable space, this chalet is located via the Omnia Hotel in the small Switzerland village. Large picture widows and glass panels in the roof flood the apartment with natural light and give great views over the town and the surrounding mountains. The property is accessed via the elevators in the Omnia hotel which is situated just off Zermatt’s main street, close to the church.


 Heinz-Julen-Penthouse-Chalet_designrulz (1)

On the main floor there is a large living room with three separate seating areas, a dining section, the open-plan kitchen and two terraces. There are two bedrooms with high beamed ceilings at each end of this floor. Each bedroom has an en-suite shower/WC, TV and a balcony. The top floor consists of the master bedroom with a free-standing round Jacuzzi bath, sloping glass ceilings, stunning views, and a separate en-suite shower/WC. On the ground floor you will find the fourth double bedroom with en-suite massage shower and WC; your private glass-fronted sauna, an exercise room with a treadmill and two loungers to relax in. All three floors are accessed by your own private elevator and/or stairs. Superb, stylish and clever, the Heinz Julen Penthouse vies with the Loft for the prize of Zermatt’s most original property.

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