Singapore-based Architects have long been advocates of the ultimate ‘green city’ – one that would be comprised of more vegetation than if it were left as wilderness – and the PARKROYAL on Pickering was designed as a hotel-as-garden that actually doubled the green-growing potential of its site.

Most of Singapore’s recent architecture – especially in and around the city centre – is nothing more than generic and can be seen anywhere in the world, regardless of climate and culture. An equilibrium point of architectural anonymity has been derived from a number of factors – corporate and bureaucratic risk-avoidance, a desire to promote a global (homogenous) image rather than local, and the ubiquity of semi-famous international architects – but a uniquely progressive tropical city has been sold short.  WOHA paid no attention to the placeless blandness of the modern Singapore skyline, and finally the city has a uniquely expressive urban landmark that reinterprets and reinvigorates its location. The PARKROYAL on Pickering was a purely commercial development, with well-defined budgetary and programmatic constraints. But as with many of WOHA’s projects built throughout Asia over the last decade, the hotel performs unambiguously as a public building. More info here. Book now!

Photographs: Patrick Bingham-Hall


PARKROYAL-designrulz-001 PARKROYAL-designrulz-002 PARKROYAL-designrulz-003 PARKROYAL-designrulz-004 PARKROYAL-designrulz-005 PARKROYAL-designrulz-006 PARKROYAL-designrulz-007 PARKROYAL-designrulz-008 PARKROYAL-designrulz-009 PARKROYAL-designrulz-010 PARKROYAL-designrulz-011 PARKROYAL-designrulz-012 PARKROYAL-designrulz-013 PARKROYAL-designrulz-014 PARKROYAL-designrulz-015 PARKROYAL-designrulz-018 PARKROYAL-designrulz-019 PARKROYAL-designrulz-020 PARKROYAL-designrulz-021 PARKROYAL-designrulz-022 PARKROYAL-designrulz-023 PARKROYAL-designrulz-024 PARKROYAL-designrulz-025 PARKROYAL-designrulz-026 PARKROYAL-designrulz-027 PARKROYAL-designrulz-028 PARKROYAL-designrulz-029
PARKROYAL-designrulz-016 PARKROYAL-designrulz-017 PARKROYAL-designrulz-030 PARKROYAL-designrulz-031 PARKROYAL-designrulz-032 PARKROYAL-designrulz-033