Designed by Egeon Architecten, this house is located in Tamariskhof, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This family villa impresses through beauty achieved with simple means and shapes, which, when combined with taste and style result in a unique composition outlining serene living. The ground floor has a glass facade with large sliding doors on the garden side, so that the residents can benefit most from the view. The floor with the office an consultation room has views all-around. The design proposed by Egeon Architecten is a simple but interesting example of how a residential project should be handled.

Villa Rieteiland-Oos-Egeon Architecten-designrulz-003

Located in one of the artificial island communities of Ijburg, the family house has three storeys that include living rooms at ground level, bedrooms on the middle floor and an office on the top floor. There are three levels made to accommodate the open plan living room of the ground floor, the private areas are located on the first level having an office and study space situated on the second level to offer the best studying space possible, away from noise and other activities. The bedroom floor is more open to the inside, the outside more closed. Fitted with large sliding doors, it offers the maximum amount of natural light and creates a connection between the house’s interior and the nature surrounding it. The lake views help achieving a state of calm, protection and freedom at the same time. A spiral staircase climbs the all-timber facade. The timber frame house is built from fair and sustainable materials. As a result, low level energy consumption was realized.

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