I love wood because, when used in a room, it provides a balance without drawing too much attention from the other details. From all the trendy materials designers experience today, wood is my first choice when looking for the pieces of furniture I would like to gather around me. Take the bedroom, for examples. Wrought iron structures are elegant and sophisticated, bamboo knitted items bring an exotic flavor inside, but I only go for the traditional, ever lasting wood when it comes to building the bed. And, aside from the many considerations of the wood itself (and the many fabulous sustainable alternatives to new cut hardwood), color is huge. Spotted on desnahemisfera.siAfternoon Dijalt is a bed designed by Slovenian studio Author“A board leaning up the wall under a certain angle is the main element of the design. A show of light and shadows outlines the silhouettes of two lamps. The cutting has an attached shade with a light bulb and a switch. The element of the leaning board functions as the back and the headrest of the bed“, designers explained us.
Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-001 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-002 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-003 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-004 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-005 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-006 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-007 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-008 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-009 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-010 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-011 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-012 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-013 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-014 Afternoon Dilajt- designrulz-015