We’ve already seen some pretty amazing stuff from Geometrix Design, and we are always happy to see something new created by them. The Riviera Project is one such inspiring creation, and it was completed by Michael Miroshkin and Elen Miroshkina, the passionate decorators of Geometrix.

For a relaxed, warm and inviting ambiance, the designers chose warm colors, stone and wood as the defining elements for this apartment. The living room is spacious and elegant, and is seamlessly connected to the dining area and bright white kitchen. Two splashes of bright color, in the shape of two comfy yellow armchairs, bring a cheerful note in this cozy space. The first impression when we look at this apartment interior design, the interior design styles are cozy in soft color and ordinary: all in grey, black, brown, and white. But, when we see it more, they have unique accent: some furniture  are in neon color!  We really love these colors combination for a  the living room: yellow couch, brown sofa and bright white wall. Every member of the family can enjoy the apartment, as it responds to their individual needs both in shape and in color.

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