Spain is well known for it’s architecture : Madrid or Valencia, León or Bilbao have great examples of what is known world wide as modern Spanish architecture.

The example in this article is a creation of Guallart Architects or to be more exact creation of architects Vicente Guallart, Marìa Díaz.  Situated in the town of Vinaròs, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, near the delta of the river Ebro, this little wooden islands build on the rocky sea shore have the purpose of transforming what was before an inaccessible coastline into an easy to approach place for tourists to enjoy the sea and sun. The platforms are composed of just two different pieces which serve to generate surfaces that can be perfectly flat, partially or fully folded. Their positioning on the coast is determined by criteria of access to the sea and interaction with the dynamic line of the original coast.

The result is a great example of how space can be reinvented with just a minor influence from the man.

Enjoy the following pictures !