When it comes to designing your home, the majority of your focus may be geared towards the interior. Although designing of any type can be expensive, it’s important that you give equal attention to both the interior and the exterior of your home. What may help is if you focus on a particular style of design. Here are the most popular interior design styles and landscape design styles.

The 7 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

#1: Bohemian/Boho/Boho Chic

The Boho decor style is very popular among Generations Y (Millennials) and Z because it can be described as a free-spirited style. It’s characterized by a mixture of cultures, multiple textures, and a lack of structure. Boho chic is more structured than Boho.

#2: Coastal

The Coastal decor style is perfect for the beach lovers. Not to be confused with the Nautical style, but Coastal decor focuses more on natural colors and lighter blues. Take it up a notch and add sea-inspired decor.

#3: Contemporary

Contemporary is often confused with Modern because the two are pretty similar. However, Contemporary is constantly changing because it’s the latest decor style. IT can currently be defined as simple, sophisticated, and sleek.

#4: Farmhouse (Modern and Classic)

The Farmhouse decor style is known for its barn doors, exposed beams, muted color, and mixed metals. Simplicity is the main focus, along with comfort and style. Modern Farmhouse adds glossy textures, while Classic Farmhouse is more rustic.

#5: Industrial

The Industrial style is also one that loves exposed beams as well as pipes and brick walls. The focus here is architectural elements on the inside, rather than the outside. This style came about when factories shut down and were later converted into living spaces.

#6: Minimalist

The Minimalist design can also be compared to both Contemporary and Modern. All of these styles use clean lines and simple finishes, although Minimalist allows for a few accent colors. This decor style also focuses on function, so you’ll find a lot of functional and multipurpose furniture.

#7: Modern

Unlike Contemporary design, the Modern design style is specific to a time period: the early 20th Century. Modern uses more accent colors than Contemporary and Minimalist, though the decor is still kept to a minimum.

The 7 Most Popular Landscape Design Styles

#1: Dessert

Desert landscaping can sound boring, but it’s actually a very bold and dynamic style. Succulents, aloe vera, and cacti are some of the most popular indoor plants right now, so this landscape design will compliment your interior if you choose the Contemporary design style. It can also compliment the Minimalist style because it’s so low-maintenance.

#2: French

The French landscape design actually put the focus back on the home. To achieve this, plant simple trees or shrubs that draw your attention back to the home— such as along the walkway to the front door. This design goes perfectly with Modern Farmhouse and, of course, French Country.

#3: Japanese

Japanese design, whether interior or exterior, is all about balance and symbolism, but also asymmetry at the same time. Water features and a bridge or a pathway are some common features of a Japanese landscape. This design fits well with a lot of interior decor styles, especially Boho— although Boho enthusiasts will probably combine different landscape styles.

#4: Spanish

Spanish landscaping puts less focus on flora and more on the actual decor and architecture. It uses lots of ceramic elements, Terracotta pots, and bright blue accents. This style goes well with the Mediterranean interior design style.

#5: Tropical

When thinking of a tropical island, the first thing that comes to mind is a palm tree. Even if your climate doesn’t support tropical flora, you can come close with lush green plants and bold, colorful flowers. A tropical landscape design compliments a Coastal interior design nicely.

#6: Tuscan

It’s very simple to achieve the look and feel of a Tuscan landscape. Growing herbs such as basil and oregano, and also citrus plants will give off Tuscan vibes. In addition to herbs, also consider growing your own fruits and vegetables. And it’s only fitting that a Tuscan landscape exterior compliment a Mediterranean interior, which is also a fairly popular decor style.

#7: Woodland

Woodland landscaping is reminiscent of all things nature: wood, stone, and simple plants such as forest trees and shrubs. This is also a low-maintenance style that compliments Classic Farmhouse interior decor very well.
No matter which landscape design you choose, it’s important to make sure that your lawn is properly prepared and maintained. Make sure that you’re properly managing your lawn before and after landscaping.

As you can see, there are many design styles to choose from for the interior and exterior of your home. Some styles compliment each other well, while others are fun to mix and match.