If your yard is looking a little tired this summer, you’re missing out on throwing the greatest BBQs. With the warm weather in full swing, now is the perfect time to address your yard and create an appealing seating area. In creating an outdoor area that wins your visitors’ envy, you need to think further than getting your hands on the cheapest yard furniture you can find and throwing it into the yard. Instead, you need to put considerable thought into the type of vibe you’re searching for and plan around this. If you need some help, we’ve got you covered with a short guide below.

Pick a Purpose

You need to decide what you’ll be doing with your outdoor area – will you be hosting guests for parties, making a masterpiece for your pet, or simply looking to relax outside? Having a clear goal in mind will help you during the design process because it’ll keep you grounded. To get started with your design, we suggest sketching the floorplan and playing around with the layout. If you’ve got views to die for around your property, you should factor these into your plans. For example, if you’re looking to chill outside with a coffee in the morning, consider placing a vidaxl garden table in a spot where the sun is visible.

Utilize All Space

Depending on the size of your seating area, you will need to fill the area. Of course, some of this will be taken up with your outdoor future. When it comes to adding in decoration, you need to make sure it complements your purpose. For example, if you’re going to host lively dinner parties, there’s little point in investing in costly sun-loungers.

Factor In the Elements

The very nature of the outside means that the elements can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared. When designing your yard, you need to record the direction of the wind – you may need to put up a shield. Further, depending on the direction of your house, your seating area may be subject to nothing but sun all day. Building a pagoda or getting your hands on an umbrella will mitigate this problem.

Create Desired Ambiance

When guests enter your property, you need to generate feelings of warmth that will impress guests and encourage them to stay longer. If you’re hosting a party and it’s going to run into the evening, it may get cold and cause people to leave. Therefore, you should install a fire feature to make your guests feel cozy.
As well as creating physical warmth, you can relax guests by installing a water feature. After all, research suggests that bodies of water are intrinsically linked with reducing stress. If you plan to relax outside, you should consider building a pond in your yard.
There’s still a good month or so before it begins to get cold again, which means you’ve still got time to create the perfect seating area and wow your friends. Remember, decide what your purpose is before you begin designing.