Accessories are essential to styling your home and distinguishing it from a showroom. They add character and some life to your house, stringing together a story of your experiences and journey so far. It can be challenging to choose the right elements that can elevate the aura of your house. Maybe the balance is off, or the spaces are too cramped; accessorizing your home can be tedious if you don’t understand the principles.

Professional home stylists and stagers possess the innate ability to design and accessorize a room in a way that transforms a house into a home. While some are born with this talent, others pick it up over the years through experience. You, too, could accessorize your home like the pros with a little knowledge and a few tips and tricks from us.

1. A new kind of art

DNA prints or DNA portraits are the latest trends in home accessories and personalization. A DNA portrait is an image of your DNA printed onto a canvas with a plethora of options in style, color, size, and frames.

You can also go frameless to give it that authentic and sleek look; it suits your room’s setup. The DNA picture is obtained through a DNA sample taken by you from the kit sent to you. The process is straightforward and painless; just a swab from the inside of your cheek.

No two DNA portraits are alike, making it a truly unique and personal way of accessorizing your home.

2. Collected Items

As we’ve mentioned before, the accessories and method of design you choose must reflect your personality and journey. Decorating your home with the store’s latest addition will make it look more like a model house than a home. The best way to go about this is to decorate your home with items you may have collected over time. Items or accessories from your vacations or stay in other countries, souvenirs that talk about a certain place’s culture, or curated art.

The accumulated articles give your home that rustic and personalized look, plus a great conversation starter for a new guest.

3. Clean and Clear

Cluttering your room with excessive articles makes it heavy and unpleasant to the eye. A cramped area, i.e., a place with extreme pieces and decorations, creates confusion and makes it difficult for the accessories to stand out or come together to elevate a room’s perception.

Professional home stylists maintain a balance between the number of items in a room and the amount of space available for these items. A clean and clear look gives a sleek and clean look, while the right number of accessories makes it appealing and

4. Books

When styled incorrectly, books can be a source of dismay to accessorizing a shelf. Vertically stacking books makes it boring and dull, giving a library look rather than a personal place of residence. Place books in a chaotic discipline to get the air of candidness yet a controlled environment. Pair books with other accessories like vases, candles, and unique showcases to break up the expanses.

Whether you read books or not, they as articles of decoration and styling add a great bit of depth to their environment. It doesn’t matter what those books may be, pair them with the right ornaments and balance it out to get that pro-look.

5. Live Plants

Fresh green plants always have a refreshing effect on their surroundings. Owing not just to their function biologically but also their bright and new color that complements its surroundings. Bringing the same concept into your homes is a wonderful way of enhancing them.

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Of course, plants come in various colors, and if you choose a blooming plant, then the variety goes higher. So choose the right color to go with your house’s theme. Apart from the shade, the size of the plant matters too. It is important to balance your accessories, so choose the right size to fit into spaces and not overpower the surroundings or let the plant go unnoticed.

6. Texture

One fun way to add some dimension to your room is to use textures. Textures usually become the point of focus due to their unique colors and patterns, adding that extra bit of composition to a room. Bring in interesting materials such as naturally occurring wood, leather, or stone with stimulating designs that grab attention yet tie in the surrounding articles.

Textures are an even better idea in case the major theme of your room remains simple and plain. The introduction of a simple item of intriguing patterns will add life to the room. And because it maintains the tendency to grab attention, use it as an anchor to place your other accessories.

7. Grouped Accessories

A forlorn vase in the vastness of your room is sad and disappointing. Similar items grouped get rid of that expanse and empty spaces. A little trick that professionals like to use is the grouping of items in odd numbers. An even set creates disciplined patterns that make the room feel more like a factory and less like a home.

Don’t collect items in a manner that make it seem like they were strewn across the room. Group items that are similar shades and sizes to keep it neat and tidy. Use spaces on your coffee table or shelves to display accessories like books, decorative items, and candles.

Remember, collect articles in a tidy manner and never group too many and create cramped space.