Dacia presents its latest concept car: the Manifesto is the perfect embodiment of Dacia’s brand values. It’s a simple vehicle with a robust, eco-smart design that everyone will immediately appreciate. Dacia is coming to market with increasingly innovative cars. I love it!

With this concept car, we are cultivating the spirit of freedom by creating an easy and affordable way to enjoy fresh air, both when travelling on business and when relaxing.

Manifesto is an ultra-compact convertible SUV so passengers can connect with nature. This light and quiet companion puts the emphasis on agility and less on speed. With this type of vehicle you can easily supply mountain huts or reach remote places. Manifesto will not be available for sale, but it includes all Dacia innovations, including those already on some of our models that will soon be available across the range, those yet to be launched and those exploring new ideas to be unveiled in the future. With Manifesto, Dacia reaffirms its vision of a simple, cool, robust, affordable and nature-friendly vehicle.