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A huge majority of homeowners will probably tell you that they spend more time making sure their homes are livable and fit for entertaining guests–on the inside. Sure, designing the interior of the home to be more habitable is important, but so is creating a space outdoors that will also make you feel proud to invite guests over. After all, the exterior of your home is the first thing that guests will see before they step foot into your private dwelling.

Here are a few tips to ensure you create an inviting outdoor space:

Green stretching for days

A simple way to create a more inviting outdoor space is to lay down a fresh carpet of grass. Having a front or back yard that has an even layer of lawn grass like Bermuda grass can easily make even a space without much trees and plants look more polished.

Covered patio for maximum utilisation

Having a space outside to entertain guests is a surefire way to create an outdoor space meant for enjoying. Patio covers like those from City Seamless Patio Covers can protect not just your guests from elements like the sun and rain, but it can also ensure that your outdoor furniture will last longer.

The shade of it all

Covered patios are great for providing protection from the sun when the adults want to relax outside, but kids will have a tough time resisting the allure of a wide green space. Planting trees that have a wide crown allows kids to enjoy playtime outdoors without the fear of getting sunburned. A few examples of trees that are good for providing shade are paper birch trees, weeping willows, and paulownias.

Rodent proof your outdoor space

All that hard work to beautify your front or back yard can be easily destroyed with the arrival of burrowing rodents like moles, gophers, and even non-burrowing rodents like chipmunks or squirrels. Consider installing solar powered ultrasonic mole repellents in your garden. Using these kinds of repellents ensures a humane way of dealing with these animals. The best part is there’s no need to get rid of rodent carcasses that you have to hunt by smell.

Flowers for color

Having a pop of color every now and again can easily draw the attention of any passerby to your outdoor space. With the right choice of flowering plants, your outdoor space can even complement the exterior design of your home. Flowers can even provide a sensory experience as different species of flowers have different aromas that can play well with each other. If you know what flowers smell best together, you can use it to your advantage and create an outdoor space that looks and smells good.

Creating an outdoor space that is inviting is all about creating and curating a space that can help set a mood that is relaxing and enjoyable. Outdoor spaces can be largely overlooked in today’s technology-heavy culture, but sometimes it’s nice to lounge about and relax while surrounded by a little pocket of nature right in your very own home.