When clients visit a business premises, they want to feel welcomed, as though they are supposed to be there. In other words, it is your job to create an environment that reflects your company’s ethos and makes everyone feel at home.
Here are five suggestions to help you to get that atmosphere exactly right.

Choose comfortable seating

There is nothing like telling someone they are not welcome than giving them an uncomfortable chair. Think family gatherings. The least popular is often the one who gets stuck on the rickety old chair without any padding left in the cushion. If you have a waiting area, consider a selection of bucket seats that can be cleaned easily rather than a sofa. Stained furniture can be off-putting. Before purchasing anything, be sure to test out the seating and decide for yourself if it is worth buying.

Choose ambient lighting

Overpowering lighting when you walk into a building can be immediately offensive to the eyes and brain. For some, it can even trigger severe headaches or migraines. It is imperative for both your employees and clients to choose lighting that is as natural as possible, creating the right ambience, too. Likewise, if you have outdoor space, opt for commercial post lights that fit with the style of your business.

Choose legible signage

Have you ever punched in the address of a business into your sat nav and driven round and round, unable to find it, eventually stumbling upon it but only by chance? That has happened many times in the past and usually because of poor signage. If it is not clear the name of the business from the sign, whether than be because of a poorly chosen font or the actual size, your sign might as well not be there. The colors of the text are important, too. Despite it being common knowledge that red and green should only be seen when Christmas is upon us, there are many examples of websites and signs that use this ill-fitting combination. It should also be obvious to anyone new to the premises where they ought to go when they first arrive. Clear signage will do the trick in addition to helpful staff.


Fairly plain but modern are the two key terms when considering the décor of your business premises. While of course you would like to place your own unique stamp on the place, reflecting the values of your company, perhaps, it would be unwise to paint the walls a garish green or magenta. However, that does not stop you from using those as accent colors within accessories such as plant pots, vases, and desk tidies. And if you cannot stay away from bright walls, go for one accent wall rather than everywhere.


Finally, you want your customers, both existing and potential, to feel as though they are walking into a finished property rather than a building site. Employ the services of experienced and top-quality cleaners to ensure that the premises are sparkling and spotless, making your guests feel welcome.