Many of us enjoy enhancing our living spaces, searching for choices that offer both visual allure and health advantages. Copper utensils fit this description perfectly.
Globally, copper utensils are highly sought after. Their widespread adoption stems from their distinctive appearance, hue, and advantages over alternative materials. Our ancestors were familiar with copper’s value. They employed it for culinary activities and stored water in sizable copper vessels, holding the conviction that tools made from this metal confer significant health benefits.

Even though we now use modern materials like steel and glass for cooking, the old wisdom about copper’s benefits still sticks around. Copper is often referred to as the “kitchen’s jewel” due to its long-standing presence in culinary tools. Many people use it and I am no exception. So, recently I bought another vintage copper pan from Shoppok, the leader in sales of vintage items on the Internet. However, I have always wondered:: is its popularity based solely on its beauty, or does it also bring health advantages?

Keep reading to find out if it’s just for show or has some hidden health magic in it.

History Of Copper Utensils

Copper utensils have been around for a long time. The people of ancient Mesopotamia, especially the Sumerians, were among the first to use them. At first, they made weapons with copper, but soon they started cooking with it.

In Egypt, around 2700 BC, people started using copper for important things like water pipes, and then for everyday items like pots and plates. By 3000 BC, countries like China, India, and Turkey were also using copper pots and pans. In India, by the late 1500s, many switched from clay pots to copper ones. Also, an old Indian medical tradition called Ayurveda said that water kept in a copper container is good for health, as it can help balance the body’s three doshas: Vata, Kapha, and Pitta.

Copper as Aesthetically Pleasing Decor

Copper is like magic for home decoration. You can make any home look beautiful and cozy by incorporating Copper due to its warm color. Let’s think about it. When you walk into a kitchen and see copper pans hanging, it looks pretty and stylish. These pans are not just for cooking but also act like pieces of decoration. Copper doesn’t only look good in kitchens. Think about your living room. Maybe a copper bowl on the table or a small copper lamp can make the whole room feel better. For example, if you have a simple living room with comfortable chairs and wooden tables, adding a shiny copper vase in the middle can make everything look even better. An interesting fact about Copper is that its color slightly changes over time. It gets a greenish-blue shade called patina. Some people like this color because it shows that the copper is old and has history.

But if you like your copper shiny, cleaning it brings back its bright color. You don’t always need a lot of copper to make a room look good. Just a little touch here and there can make a big difference. For example, a mirror with a copper frame, copper handles on your drawers, or even a simple copper plate can make your home look fancy.

Benefits of Copper Utensils to Use it in Your Home

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine, venerates the practice of storing water in copper vessels, known as ‘ Tamra Jal ‘. Their belief was that water stored overnight in Copper vessels absorbs the medical benefits of Copper. It is believed that if you drink this Copper infused water with an empty stomach, it helps you balance the doshas or energies in your body. This promotes overall well-being. Here are some more health benefits you can get using copper utensils and copper-infused water:

Heart Health Booster

Keeping our heart healthy is super important, right? Copper helps do just that. Copper helps us in maintaining our blood pressure and keeps our heart beat smoothly. It also helps in fighting off bad cholesterol. This means fewer worries about heart-related problems.

Beats Anemia

Feeling tired or looking pale? You might be low on iron. Copper water can help because it assists our body in soaking up more iron from the food we eat. This means more energy and better overall health.

Ideal for Weight Loss

Drinking water from copper containers might help you lose weight in a natural way. It could improve your digestion and how your body handles fat. It could be more beneficial if you make it a habit to drink this water in the morning.

Thyroid Function Support

The thyroid is like a control center for our body’s energy and metabolism. Too much or too little thyroid activity isn’t good. Drinking water from copper vessels helps keep this in balance, ensuring our energy levels are just right.

Relief from Joint Pain

If you’ve ever had joint pain or know someone with arthritis, you’ll love this. Copper has properties that reduce inflammation. So, drinking copper water can offer some comfort, easing those painful joints.

Anti-aging Properties

Want youthful skin? Copper can be your new best friend. It’s like a natural fighter against those tiny villains called free radicals that cause wrinkles. By drinking copper water, your skin gets a rejuvenating boost, reducing those pesky fine lines.

Skin Health and Melanin Production

Copper helps in producing melanin, the stuff that gives color to our hair, eyes, and skin. Plus, it promotes skin healing. So, for that natural glow and fewer Grey hairs, copper water might be the secret.

Immunity Boost

We all need a strong defense system against illnesses. Here’s where copper steps in. It’s like a shield, protecting us from harmful germs and helping wounds heal faster. In short, it supercharges our body’s ability to fight off sickness.

Brain Stimulation

Want to think faster and remember more? Copper might be the answer. It helps our brain cells communicate better, making our brain sharper. Some studies even say that it can help prevent seizures because it has anticoagulant properties. So, for a brainpower boost, copper is a good bet.

Improved Digestion

A happy stomach means a happy you. Drinking copper water makes digestion smoother. It helps break down food, gets rid of harmful bacteria, and ensures our tummy is in top shape. So, if you want to avoid tummy problems, go for copper water. It’s a good idea!


We all want to decorate our home, and we love decorated homes. Everyone loves homes that provide better aesthetic appeal. If you want to improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, then you should adopt Copper utensils. People have been using Copper for centuries due to its aesthetic appeal as well as its huge health benefits. Copper also provides health benefits as per the beliefs of our great-grandparents. You can mix the old wisdom of our forefathers with the modern way of living.

So are you ready to incorporate Copper to your home’s decor?