Restaurants have to do a lot of work today to stand out. After all, in any city you will find restaurant design with everything from big, plush chairs, to minimalist metal husks. Design can be exciting, but finding your own avenue will take vision and work.

Unfortunately, many restaurant owners make the mistake of trying so hard to be different that they forget about comfort. Tables are too small or aren’t ergonomically designed. Chairs are interesting to look at but horrible to sit in.

There is a sense that comfort looks cheap and, if you do it a certain way, it can. Couch booths for example are reminiscent of lowest common denominator restaurants and they get dirty easily. But if you know what to look for, you can find restaurant chairs that are both comfortable and modern.

Here is how to find comfortable restaurant chairs that stand out.

Avoid the barstool design

Using restaurant chairs which resemble barstools can save space while looking chic. You also have the chance to have high tables, a design which certainly stands out. Unfortunately, it is incredibly difficult to do this while keeping them comfortable.

Even if you get stools with backs and with comfortable cushions, it still gets uncomfortable to sit with your feet hanging down. It might take a while for the discomfort to set in, but you ideally want your patrons staying long enough to enjoy themselves while eating multiple courses.

Meld raw materials with padding

The reason many chic restaurant chairs are uncomfortable is that they’re made out of raw materials. Plain wood or metal can look great, but often hurt to sit on for long periods of time. The reality is, however, that you can get the benefit of the raw material look while keeping your chairs comfortable with padding.

A well-designed chair only needs padding on the seat, as your body should lean comfortably into the perfectly curved back. By choosing chairs that have minimal padding which have colors that resemble the main material, you can get the best of both worlds.

Keep your customer in mind

When furnishing your restaurant, it is crucial that you keep in mind exactly who your patrons are. Many restaurant owners want a modern, fashionable look, while still catering to families. They end up providing chairs on which kids will never sit still instead of couches or booths.

This does not mean you cannot have a fancy restaurant if you allow parents to come with their children. However, remember that parents will find much more value in the ability to keep their children happy than in interesting design.

On the other hand, if you cater mostly to young people who consider themselves hip, furniture with an antique design is unlikely to appeal to them no matter how comfortable it is.

Having a theme is important for good restaurant design. However, when choosing the right furniture, your customers should be the main focus. Find the right appealing furniture first, then see how it might fit into your theme.

Restaurant chairs are difficult to get right, but a good design does not need to be uncomfortable. Follow the above guidelines, and you should have a chic restaurant which patrons don’t want to leave.