Hi, everybody! Aren’t you lounging for Christmas already? My favourite holidays of the year, Xmas days represent a divine blessing. Hot chocolate, apple pie with cinnamon, icicles and carols by the windows, to name just a few of the gifts of the season. But, we cannot enjoy these ‘rewards’ without some hard work online … shopping! Thus, explore the 2018 Best Christmas Markets, Foods and Winter Escapes selection below! You will find plenty of fresh ides to decorate your home with style.

5 Christmas Markets to Discover This Year

Selected by booking.com, this gallery of festive Christmas markets drives you all around Europe. What’s in it? Fairy lights in Netherlands, sausages and gingerbread in Germany, tasty wines in Italy, decorated wreaths in France and delicious snacks in Salzburg Christkindlmarkt, Austria. The local producers put plenty of local products and artefacts on the table. For this reason, you will find good quality products at affordable prices. View Europe’s most festive Christmas markets

Traditional Christmas Foods Around the World

Wow, this is absolutely fabulous! I could bet that the steak – of various shapes and flavours – is present in all the traditional cuisines. Seems like not. Italians would serve seafood (obviously!), while Slovakians would rather go for a sauerkraut soup. In Puerto Rico, Christmas tastes delicious: pork, crispy fritters, banana leaves and splashes of rum! View 6 Christmas foods around the world

Joyful Christmas Markets for Children

We all know: kids wanna have fun! Therefore, opt for a place that offers playgrounds for kids or, at least, dedicated corners. For example, the ‘encounter’ with Santa Claus. Most of the Christmas markets feature a hot spot with Santa in a sleigh, Rudolf nearby and a huge bag with presents. The little kids will love to stop by and spend some time with them. Make sure you pick of the markets in Bucharest, Brussels or Stuttgart. Above all, they are family friendly, welcoming and beautifully decorated. My favourite, Le Manoir de Champfreau in Varennes-sur-Loire, France. View 5 family-friendly Christmas markets

Luxurious Escapes this Winter

Perhaps not very luxurious, but featuring sparks of extravagance here and there. What do I mean with this? It is not necessarily about the fancy accommodation or the pricy dinners. Most of the time, I feel that the surroundings make the price. Enjoying fabulous natural landscapes, the locations selected above are perfect spots if you want to escape this winter. View 5 homes away from home this Christmas

Snowy Places for Relaxed Walkings and Winter Sports

What is Christmas without skiing, skating or simply walking on icy paths? Cities are fabulous when covered in snow, but the countryside is extremely dreamy. Explore the countryside this winter! You will dive into earthly paradises, get in touch with nature and also connect with your inner self. It does not matter if it is a modest chalet or a luxurious spa hotel … it is time for liberation! View 5 Best places for a white Christmas

Krakow Christmas Market Tastes Big Time

The atmosphere in Krakow Christmas Market is of a cheerful festival. The offer is so generous that I do not know what to list first. Probably, smoked cheese is one of the most popular picks. Giant sandwiches go perfect with a mug of mulled wine. Due to their irresistible flavours, you will convince all your friends to go for a hot drink while exploring Krakow. Last, but not least, smoked sausages are always a substantial snack when spending a frosty winter evening outside. View 8 reasons to visit the Krakow Christmas Market

Sunny Escapes in December: Marocco, Madeira and many more

Although not very common, sunbathing in December can be fun. What about exploring India or Thailand when everybody gathers around the fireplace? Blessed with rich traditions – the spirituality in India is appealing, while Marocco’s cultural heritage impresses the Europeans -, these countries are very welcoming. Spending Christmas in T-shirt might be very interesting and fun. Trip advisers also recommend wild safari escapes in Kenya this season.

The Lights of Amsterdam and Its Fabulous Parties

When I think of Amsterdam, I simply say … party! Clubs, concerts, cabaret, underground performances and most of the avant-garde artistic scene found a niche to express themselves there. In a nutshell, Amsterdam remains a vivid scene during winters. Why not singing Happy New Year 2019 in Amsterdam!

Top Destinations for Weddings

If this is the plan this season, why not? One of the most beautiful places in the gallery is, I believe, the Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi, made completely out of ice. You will enjoy a fresh frosty air while spending the wedding night under a reindeer’s blanket. For the sunny lovers, it goes without saying that the Caribbean sea will be the perfect neighbourhood for saying Yes!  View Unforgettable winter wedding destinations

Dinners at their Best: Fancy or Plain?

Finally, a list of inviting hotels in case you want to spend some special moment away from home. Cozy lodgings, rural pensions, but also luxurious picks are on the list. View The world’s 7 best hotel Christmas dinners