The first rule in choosing artwork for rooms inside your house is that there are no rules. You can choose whichever work which pleases your eyes best. However, in the name of aesthetic, we will provide readers with some guidelines, so that harmony can reign inside their home.

Where to buy Works of Art for Your house

It is one thing to chose the right artworks that you will open your doors to. But first, you need to be able to find them. Not everyone enjoys walking in art galleries, hopping from one to another for hours. Those who would rather be sitting at home to do so, now have a great solution available by visiting online galleries. When you visit one like Singulart, you will find paintings, sculptures, photos and more, in every style that you can dream of. Once you have defined what would fit best for each of your room, having read the guidelines below, you can click on the link for a visit to their website and roam free until you find precisely what you were looking for.

An Artwork for Every Room

As we provide tips on how to choose artworks for every room in your home, it is important to keep in mind that the design of the furniture and the colours on the walls and ceiling may play a role in the decision to acquire a work of art. However, it should not be the main factor. Why? Because investing in a work of art is more than just fitting a painting or any other type of art inside four walls. It will live with you wherever you may go afterwards. If you modernize your rooms in the future and change the décor, you still want to be able to fit the artwork in the new look. And so, make sure that it reflects something that lives inside you, more than being just a great insertion in a given context.

The Living Room

The question that you need to ask yourself is: What do you use your living room for? Is it the place where you gather the family for formal evenings, or the location where you all watch movies, play games and do other activities? If the first selection is the right one, feel free to insert a nice sculpture, since the risk of having someone knocking it down is much lower than in the second proposition. For a painting, look for something that will ease the eyes, but also question the mind of those that come into the living room. A painting shouldn’t just stand there on the wall. It should also make you and your guests reflect on certain aspects of life as well. And if this is more a family room, where fun and games happen, choose something dynamic so that it will complement the mood.

The Kitchen

Kitchens today are meant to be functional. In many houses, it is the room that has replaced the living room. Nowadays, kids and adults gather there to talk. The kids do their homework on the table while parents cook and help them. It is also where games are being played. If you chose a modern design, with a limited number of colours, make sure that the painting goes along with it. It should be warm, yet sober. On the other hand, if the kitchen is buzzing with activity from people, but also in the way that it has been decorated, go for something fun and lively.

The Master Bedroom

The most important element to consider when buying art for a master bedroom is that it needs to be soothing to the eyes. Anything aggressive should not find its way there, as it will disrupt the calm that you need to find inside you, before you fall asleep. Photography can be a great choice of art for this room, especially black and white. The love theme is certainly one that fits in such a context. It can be very subtle or extremely bold, according to the person or couple’s preference.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are the second most important rooms in a modern house, right after the kitchen. This is where you should be able to relax from a long day at work, by enjoying a warm bath, shower, or simply caring for yourself. In selecting art for your bathroom, you should consider pieces that feature clean lines and simple designs. The most popular ones usually feature nature themes, botanical prints or ones exhibiting water elements. Choose the painting that will bring the most peace to your mind.