The braided crib bumper is an incredible solution for baby borns. It protects your baby’s hands and feet from getting stuck between crib spindles. Moreover, it defends the baby’s head and body from hitting and bruising against the crib walls. The short or long braided crib bumpers can also be used as tummy time support or decorative pillows. You can easily spot clean or machine wash them in low temperature on gentle cycle. What are the most frequently used materials? 100% natural linen and filled with anti-allergenic hollow fiber filling. As a result, the babies enjoy sweet dreams and safe surroundings. They are  soft, so very soft!

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Amazing Braided Crib Bumper

The baby feels wonderfully in his little crib, protected by the bumper. Available in a wide range of colours and textiles, it fits perfectly inside, creating a comfy sweet shelter for the child. Moreover, it allows airflow and does not occupy much space. The infants will love to play around, while also pampering around. As you can easily notice, it resembles a long braided pillow. It adapts to various spaces – round or rectangular -, and it is extremely helpful.

Why are bumpers so popular?

Many parents agree that bumpers prevent injury from a baby’s head hitting the sides of a crib, or from limbs getting stuck in the slats. It is true, they were first made to cover the space between crib slats so infants couldn’t fall out or get their heads, arms or legs stuck between the bars. Nowadays, crib bumpers are aesthetic accessories too. Explore our collection and order online from!

Quality Product

Parents’ major concern is related to allergies. But, there is nothing to worry about! These products are of superior quality, made from premium 100% hypoallergenic materials. Plus, they are soft and beautifully braided. The item defends your baby’s fingers and feet from getting stuck between crib spindles as well as it protects the baby’s head and body from hitting and bruising against the crib walls. The bumper allows for increased air flow into and out of the crib compared with standard bumpers and with many colours to choose from, it will surely match your nursery decor!

Knot Pillows For Kids

Knot pillows are perfect for kids, but they also have gained popularity amongst contemporary designers. They are unique gift ideas simply perfect for festivities, anniversaries or holidays. By the way, Christmas is coming…wouldn’t these pillows be just perfect for a cozy winter evening by the fireplace? Of course! They are also perfect accessories for large gatherings with family and friends. Spread them all around on the floor and bring the board games. You will immediately create a playground at home.

Fun for Kids

The braided crib bumper is stylish and fun for kids. Made of 100% organic fabric, it suits any room in your house. The kids will immediately feel comfortable in its vicinity. Curious about its texture, they will explore the soft ball and model it in creative ways. When they grow up and get rid of it, use it as window cushion. Blue and grey will add a Scandinavian feel to your interiors, while hot hues will enliven the space powerfully. Extra tip: bring the bumper at the picnics; kids will explore a bunch of funny games with it. Then, you will have a comfy pillow for a quick nap.

Best Colours for Baby Rooms

Concerned about the colours? The traditional pink and blue ‘narrative’ are still trendy nowadays, but a selection of other intense hues are to be taken into consideration. For example, explore our list of fresh recommendations:

*Pink imposes a serene, calm atmosphere. However, picking the right pink ca sometimes be tricky. Intense or lightish? I believe the bubble gum pink mixed with white is the best solution for girls’ rooms. Tranquil, delicate and with a feminine touch.

*Green brings the natural feel inside. If you want to animate the room with a boost of energy, then this is the spot. Meanwhile, you will educate your kids to be friendly with the environment.

*Blue invites to day dreaming. Traditionally picked for boys, I would not say girls feel uncomfortable with it. It is bright during the day and very cozy in the evening.

*Violet in soft shades combines wonderfully with light grey. It will look fantastic in a girl’s room and it will mix easily with other accessories as she grows up.

*Apricot warms the interior in a second. For a girl, fuchsia spots would create a sensational room. For a boy, you can boost the interior with navy blue or black.

*Yellow is warm and welcoming. Try to find something light, not too buttery, not too creamy. The kids will feel comfortable and relax. It is the perfect colour for shared spaces.

Playground by the Window

There are moments when you want to offer a different playground to your little baby. Leave the bed and the mattress aside and improvise a new playground near the window. If space allows you, put a fluffy blanket on the window sill and arrange the braided crib bumper all around. Your child will enjoy a relaxed soft ‘mat’, while also being protected at the periphery. Not to mention the outdoor landscape. The baby will visually explore the garden and admire the trees and the flowers while playing inside.

DIY Braided Cushions

Hot. Easy. Comfy. Look how amazing these braided cushions look in a contemporary interior! Moreover, it is so easy to make them by yourself. Take a tubular ribbon, fill it with cotton or fiber filling and start modelling it afterwards. You will get a bunch of original comfy pillows for your living room or reading corner. Furthermore, they will add a stylish touch to your interiors and bring an infusion of ‘drollery’ in your life. We’ve already tried to make them in our studio and the results are completely amazing. Let us know if you enjoyed this project too.