Wall hanging storage items are extremely versatile. From light baskets and vases to colourful charts and folders, these wall hanging storage items make the most of the available space. You can place them in strategic corners so to have utensils or devices at hand or organise generous dressing areas. For example, a built-in closet serving a matrimonial bedroom. Most of the times, coat-hangers and drawers solve the main issues in a wardrobe. But, as we soon realise after everything is neatly packed and arranged, accessories remain without shelter. Thus, hanging baskets or bags prove to be efficient and economical organisers.

First of all I want to tell you that, they are available in a wide range of colours and materials, wall hanging storage items adapt easily to various rooms and finishes. For example, place a series of white ceramic flower pots on the window sill and you will immediately refresh the atmosphere. Moreover, straw and linen baskets are perfect for terraces, glass marquees or outdoor pavilions. Store gardening or barbecue tools inside and fix them in the vicinity of the ‘working islands’.

Last, but not least, delve into the amazing world of decors with these versatile wall hanging storage items. Macrame displays, photo boards, wood hanging shelves and many more are to be discovered. In addition to their functionality, storage items can turn into catchy beautifiers of your home and  even more. Explore our gallery, probably the best one, and pick what matches your lovely crib. Due to these Wall Hanging Storage and as a result of a very organised person, you will have a very organised house, too.

This mail sorter is suitable for holding mail, letters, bills, magazines, and 4 hooks can be used for hanging keys, leashes, lanyards etc, which is perfect for keeping entry way and hallway neat and tidy.


Infuse your home with freshness and vigour. These hanging planter pots will add a sparkling beauty to your space and refresh the atmosphere. They are perfect for terraces and balconies too. Add life and beauty to any home or office, by displaying your cactus, herbs, succulents or other small indoor plants with the modern-rustic design of our wall planter. It’s the perfect succulent wall planter, or beautiful storage for paint brushes, pens or other small things. I love these plant hangers. They are perfect to hang on the wall. For the reason that the back of the planter is flat ,  it rests perfectly. This are adorable, I have them in my bathroom filled with air plants for nice clean air to breathe!

Angel Planter pot is the perfect way to add some color and liven up your living space with indoor plants such as small succulents, air plants, mini cactus, faux succulents, or other small plants or flowers.No Hole,And It Will not drop soil or water anywhere,You Can hanging it in your garden or room.  We’re confident that it’ll soon be your favorite, A beautiful Angel Head Pot,most talked about piece when guests come over.

Constructed of thick and durable slate, this fountain is built to withstand the hazards of postal delivery all the way through weekend gardener stumbles. A rectangular base holds the water wall up, with natural stones catching the falling water once it reaches the bottom. The wall itself is comprised of overlaid pieces of slate that give a sense of depth and texture to the water feature. Water runs down from the rectangular top, carrying the sleek, modern look throughout the fountain. A light rests in the top, illuminating the running water with an eye-catching sheen. Alternately, your outdoor lounge space where you hang with friends for summer night bonfires could play host to this fountain on a side table for a touch of water outside!

Beautiful, lovely sound, solid construction, easy to put together – make sure you keep the little metal piece to run along the layers of stone to divert the water properly to stop the splashing. I placed the fountain with plants around it’s base, in a copper plated boot tray – pretty display and no water spot worry on the furniture.

One of my favourite spots in the collection, the wall hanging tapestries bring the exotic symbolism of India in your home. Available in generous sizes, the tapestries cover the wall entirely transforming the room into a dreamy space. They are perfect for bedrooms or living rooms paired with wooden pieces of furniture and ethnic sculptures. This mandala piece really brought life to my living room. It is huge which was a plus due to my high ceilings. Its perfect.

My husband put these self adhesive wallpaper flowers on them to- to give our bedroom color. We bought fake plants at Michaels and put play dough on the bottom of pots and stuck the plants in that to stay. I’m in love! Love this little wall planters! Previously bought the mismatched, one black one white pairing and liked them so much I bought these ones! Haven’t bought the faux succulents I plan to stuff them with yet but when I do they’re going up on the same wall!!

Handy craft, high quality and durable rustic torched wood design showcases your jewelry in style. You can gain a refund should you not be satisfied with the quality. I personally have a lot if you are looking for something simple but cute also that does the job of hanging your jewellery this is it!

This is great for organizing mail, coupons, receipts and miscellaneous paper. Each slot is wide enough to fit file folders and there is plenty of room for large amounts of paper. It was really easy to install and feels very sturdy. The rose gold color goes perfect with the rest of our rose gold kitchen decor. Unnecessary drilling,easy to mounting with the adjustable hooks or directly place on wall with screws(screws anchors included). I appreciate that this can sit flat on my shelf without having to be mounted. I use this on a corner shelf to keep envelops and paper for notes. It’s easy to use, stable enough, and looks fine.

I use it in my classroom for papers to send home which I store in the back, and I fold the extras in half in the front. I would like higher sides for the front for the purpose that I use it for, but I like the product so folding works.

Exactly what I was looking for. Great quality for the price. The rose gold finish makes it decorative as well as functional.

This is exactly what I needed in the kitchen. I eat a plant based diet, so I always have a ton of vegetables and fruit on hand. They were cluttering up my counter till now. These baskets were a perfect purchase! They are really strong and well made. I’m super pleased with my purchase. I love the way it looks and its saving a lot of space in my kitchen. Will definitely recommend.

I absolutely love this wine rack. I gave it four stars only because the side door where the corks are supposed to go in was really hard to open. Before putting this on the wall I wedged it just enough to stay closed but easy enough to access. Overall, great wine rack! I really like the size of it. It fit perfectly over our wine fridge. It holds up to 5 bottles of wine, depending on the size of the bottles. It is very strong and well made. My wall is orange and I dry brushed a little orange paint on the “Wine” sign to make it stand out.

Bring your wall to life with living plants. You can grow full display flowers, herbs, veggies or fruits vertically just in about everywhere. Made from felt materials, it is environmental-friendly, non-toxic and durable in use. Built-in adjustable dripper in each pot to keep your plants healthy and hydrate- can be used to turn the water flow off completely, or saturate the plant in just a few minutes. Give your wall a face lift with this beautiful modular design. Create a green wall indoors or out in the patio and expand it vertically or horizontally or in any creative patterns you like. An ideal way to include nature into your home space and not worry about space issues.


I love the ease of this growth chart. Being able to move it wherever is a major benefit and it’s very durable. I was nervous thinking it was paper but it’s a really solid material. We’re recently in the middle of a move and being able to roll it up and put it in a box. It’s perfect for the farmhouse/rustic look or pretty much any look in your home. Definitely recommend.

Showcase Your Guitar Like A Work of Art. Your guitar is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship— treat it as such! The Ohuhu Guitar Wall Hanger allows you to display your guitar like the work of art it is. Just attach the hook to the wall and hang your guitar in the neck cradle! This Ohuhu Guitar Wall is definitely an easy, affordable, durable, and convenient space-saving tool to keep your valued investment well protected, neatly organized, and proudly displayed. Suitable for both home and studio use.

If you live in a mobile home, you already know that  space is limited and there are no so much storage options. I truly recommend to buy this to put in your kitchen for produce and you will  love it for sure! The chalk board piece is an extra highlight that allows you to personalize your kitchen! It is big and sturdy, but takes up little space in the wall. After this, you will planning to get one for your laundry room and bathroom as well! Trust me! I found this idea on Pinterest initially and I LOVE IT! Not only is it super cute, it’s functional and holds my produce high enough away from your dog if you have one. Great for my 1 year old’s toy storage. She can easily grab items and put them away. Very sturdy and durable!

If you are on the search of a multifunctional door hanger that will store all your essentials safely, we have exactly what you need: the premium clip hanger can organize your hats, clothes or snacks effortlessly. I am sure that it will do a wonderful job.

It has an extra large capacity to collect all of your families clothes. A costumer just wrote: As time has passed, I’m liking this product more and more, and I’ve increased my rating to five stars.

The magnets are really strong and they look like wall art when they’re all together. Such a great idea. Just wish they had a shaker plate under the cap since I have a tendency to over-poor, but other than that I am very happy with my purchase and plan to buy a lot more…ok, I like spices….get off me!! Hahaha….but seriously, these are great!!

I love that I can push this in and away. Redid our laundry room and needed a drying rack and this is perfect! Love that it is off the floor. Like someone else suggested, I attached mine to an old barn board then screwed the board into the studs. The holes that are part of the rack did not line up with my studs. That’s the only downside, but I’m handy enough to do something else. I am absolutely in love with this product!! This Laundry Drying Rack is made out of stainless steel and is extremely durable.

Wow, you  can finally find your remotes  and don’t lose track of that small apple tv one. It fits your audio, cable and apple remote as expected. Holder is made of acrylic, is clear and transparent to make the remote you store inside easy to see

This is one of my favorite gadgets. Just unpack it and place it on any metal surface. Mine is on the side of the fridge over my stove-side counter where it is currently holding 10 bottles of spices. Since it is all metal I stuck the magnetic cup hooks I’d previously hung in that spot for potholders onto the underside of the shelf and hung my 2 potholders there. If it’s impinging on a cabinet door swing, just slide a bit higher or lower. I have five taller spice bottles against the back of the rack and five of the smaller ones in front so all is visible and I can still open an upper cabinet door right over the smaller bottles.
Therefore, if you have any accessible metal surface I highly recommend this product.

These cute little globes are perfect for what you need. Which is literally a wall of foliage, just to be clear. Advertised at 12 centimeters, it’s exactly that. Think of an extra large Christmas ornament. If you are looking for some not huge planters hanging of your wall, just something to accommodate a small space, these are perfect! They have a perfect thickness to the glass too, meaning it’s sturdy without being very weighed or thick, and not brittle feeling either.

I was pleasantly surprise when the package arrived earlier than expected. Instructions are very easy to follow. The holder is made with high quality material; not flimsy at all. The most importantly is that  it looks great on your bathroom mirror, a place to keep my toothbrush clean, and no mess to clean up after all that gunk left over in a cup holder. Therefore, I will keep this item in mind for future gift ideas because I am sure, everyone wants one in his house..

Similarly to this Macrame Plant Hanger,  this macrame wall hanging flower test tube vase was designed to help bring tranquility and warmth to your living spaces. This handmade braided macrame wall piece features 5 test tubes for beautifully displaying your favorite fresh cut plants. Use real or faux plants inside the test tube vases to add a finishing touch.

The most importantly is that you instantly feel your interior space elevate and you will enjoy the beauty of the nature inside your home. Simply fill each test tube with fresh cut flowers, branches of eucalyptus, or any plant cutting of your choice and allow the beauty and fragrances to fill the room. Display the macrame hanging glass vase in any room to create an interior environment that you will want to spend hours in. Hang in a bedroom, living room, office, nursery etc.. – any space will welcome this eclectic glam wall hanging test tube planter container.I got it for a friend of mine, it is the perfect gift ever, and the quality overall worth it, wonderful, affordable and giftable.