Enjoy the beauty of our rustic, wildlife antler pieces! Combine these exquisitely designed antler decorations bring an outdoorsy touch to home or lodge.  These rustic fall decor ideas will give your home a cozy and inviting makeover. Rustic fall decor ideas for making your home reflect the rustic flair of the season. Find the best designs and transform your home for 2019! These rustic fall decor ideas will give your home a cozy and inviting makeover.

Decorative branches


These beautiful, strong yet delicate twigs are reminiscent of a walk down an allée in France or elsewhere in Europe, and they subtly emphasize either a country lane spirit or the minimalism of the most urban home—either apartment or townhouse. Equally, they are suitable for spring or autumn, summer or winter, air conditioning or heating. They come carefully wrapped and fastened with raffia, and only a few tiny dried buds had fallen into the box. I was (obviously) thrilled and recommend them enthusiastically.

100% NATURAL: birch branches are 100% natural and can be used for rustic wedding decor or in floral arrangements as well. They are very decorative and have the perfect natural look and even the real fragrance of wood.

Floor Standing Christmas Tree

Jaymark’s artificial realistic looking, Snowy berries tree with bendable branches, so you can reshape them as desired. These trees can be minimally decorated with your favourite baubles, or simply strewn with a lovely garland, making them an eye-catching alternative to the traditional tree. Bring Christmas into your living room, porch or garden with this floor standing berry tree.

Smart Control-Candles Flameless

This value pack comes with 9 beautiful flameless pillar candles, 2 remote controls with 10 different keys and a super easy to follow operating manual. With amazing flameless candle set you can have perfect ambient evenings with peace of mind; no worries about fire hazards, smoke, messy dripping wax or stained tablecloth. These kid-friendly white flameless candles are a great choice for any family with children or pets who want to make sure that their little ones will stay safe and sound.

Black Bear and Birch Bark Switch Plate Cover

Black bear decor switch plate and outlet covers features a black bear and pine tree over a birch bark look background. Made of polyresin. Mounting screws included. Looks great with bear decor, cabin decor, lodge decor, birch bark decor, rustic decor, and more.

Hand-Painted Landscape Forest Oil Painting

This piece brings nature home in style. The artist paint a tranquil birch tree forest picture -white birch are set against in the clear moonlight night sky, bird inhabit branch. I didn’t expect this canvas to be SO beautiful! There are actual stones that come off the canvas and give the picture texture. There are pretty metallic shimmers within the birds that shine under the light perfectly. It’s so pretty, we hung it above our bed as a nice eye piece. It’s a good size for a Queen bed for sure!

Birch Flower Vase

I am familiar with white birch trees and know them to have a whiter bark with black markings. This is the color palette I was hoping for. The vase I received has more of a tan hue with brown markings. I realize there is an element of variation expected but I wasn’t expecting this color. Other than that it’s a nice vase. I am using them for wedding centerpieces so I am thrilled they look this good and the value..terrific.