The perfect stroller for your child isn’t always easy to find when there are so many different choices, at prices ranging from less than $100 to more than $1,000.Most of them are not sustainable for travel.  They can be heavy, big or hard to travels with. Our recommendation is to buy one of the great travel strollers replacement. Most of them are instant available to be shipped right now! Travels are more fun with a bag-rider suitcase stroller, trust me!

Mac Sports Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon with Folding Table and Drink Holders

I’m so excited to use this at festivals for all my gear. I’ve been looking for some time and this really meets my quality for price standards. The review stating difficulty in reverse and slipping handle is misleading. The handle has a lock that he obviously didn’t find and the wheels swivel just fine to steer. Also concerning the handle, I’ve pulled wagons, carts and coolers and find it awkward because I am tall and the handles are short so I crouch. This handle is perfect! The dimensions in the description include the table so don’t think you’re getting a 43 inch cargo space as one reviewer complained. Interior is 10″ tall and the bottom is 17 x 30 increasing by an inch or so toward the top. Really impressed with this wagon looks great and functions even better. Loaded it up and took it to an outdoor movie the day I got it. Rolled over the grass with ease, so light and easy to pull even when it was full of chairs, coolers and blankets. Happy pulling!

Think King SitAlong Toddler Luggage Seat

Safe & convenient way to transport your toddler and suitcase. Attach it onto any 20?-24? rolling suitcase and you have a stroller instantly that you can roll right up the jetway, on to the plane and up to your seats.
This genius idea is definitely a head turner in the air port. My three year old loves it. The only negative feature i have is when the luggage is not tilted my daughters legs are too long so she uncomfortable until I tilt the luggage again. On our way back from NY someone stole it so I guess they liked it also. Do not put them item under the plan take it off the luggage & carry it with you onto the plane. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Worked great for my big 3 year old boy. Traveled from CA to London alone with my two children. The youngest was too tired to walk after the long journey so the long walk to baggage claim was much much calmer using this. Fits on case easily, fits in overhead bins, compact when not in use.

Mountain Buggy Bagrider

Just got back from vacation with this suitcase. It was worth every dollar hands down! My kid loved it too. Got so many comments going through the airport as well. This product is a must have for traveling with small children. Case is durable and reliable so far.

Mountain Buggy bagrider is a problem solver for families who are travelling and struggle having to take a buggy and carry on luggage. It offers effortless travel time for families, as it transforms into a travelling seat for toddlers up to 33lbs, whilst still retaining its luggage storage capacity.

I was basically a celebrity at the airport. Every mother was asking where I got this. It’s great, and my two-year-old son loved it. I found that it had plenty of room, and i was able to bring my photo equipment in it. The wheels aren’t the best, but they work inside an airport just fine. As long as you don’t need to go down any gravel or dirt roads, it’s perfect and I love that I can actually pee when traveling alone–instead of wearing him or trying to contain him. HA! When not in travel seat mode, bagrider can quickly transform back into a normal 2-wheel carry on suitcase.

Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase and Carry-On Luggage

Sit-On, Ride-On, Carry-On, keep kids entertained during the long process through the airport, ride through to the departure gate and keep them entertained in the long queues.

As busy as a Bee, Bernard can’t wait to fly to new places. With distinctive black stripes and two black antenaae – catch up quickly before he flies off!

Family vacations & sleepovers just got even more fun with Trunki. Award-winning British design taking the stress out of traveling with kids encouraging responsibility and imaginative play at home.

Trunki, the original carry-on sized ride-on luggage now with free 5-year warranty. Children can pack Trunki with all their favorite belongings and ride or tow their travel companion along.

Parents can carry with handles or shoulder strap or even tow tired toddlers on long journeys. Great for vacations, weekend breaks, and playing at home, it’s made from the same lightweight, durable plastic as adult cases, with a generous 4.75 gal capacity for toys, games, and spare clothes. Trunki comes with a passport that you can register online and fill with fun travel-friendly activities. Recommended for children aged 3+.

Costzon 3-in-1 Kick Scooter with Removable Seat/Handle

The scooter is light, durable and versatile. My kid is still quite young so we make her sit on the scooter while holding the supports while we drag the scooter. The wheels move quite smoothly and there’s no jerkiness or jamming. The Scooter is comfortable to sit and has space under the seat to keep children’s food and clothing. This thing is amazing. The seat cushion is quality. I was expecting a plastic cover, but it has a soft cushiony quality I didn’t expect. The compartment under the seat had good space and the lid fits on tightly. I’ve tried other products similar to this and the seat sat over the opening, and slid around when my son sat on it. The scooter base is sturdy and seems like it’ll last a long time. The scooter handle installs and extends effortlessly. It has good length for me so I can push him with ease. Overall a great product for the price!

Mountain Buggy Unirider

We love this toy! My little one (not yet two) hops in her “bike” like big brother. This is a great stroller replacement. It is a bit of a workout keeping it upright when you first get it going and waiting for the little one to get acclimated and off we go! Most definitely a conversation starter for sure. My almost two year old loves it, her and her 5.5 year old brother argue over who gets to ride it first. By far a great investment and it has helped me with my posture a ton and my little one is a bit of a thrill seeker she can ride it one handed or with no hands at all. Sometimes she rides with the helmet and other times she does not. We took it in the mall today and didn’t have her helmet and it worked out perfectly for the occasion because the stroller is sooooo cumbersome! Overall, would recommend it is great, easy to put together, it does not take a lot of space, super light, and fun for both parent and rider. Our two year old loves this! He will not sit in a stroller, so this is the perfect solution. He’ll ride it for an hour with no problem.