Did you know? Smart Toilets are the future! Toilets have come a long way from what they used to be.  Originally, they were very unpleasant places to be, mere wood structures containing an uncomfortable seat and questionable plumbing facilities. These days though, thanks to technology and the ‘smart’ revolution, nearly everything in your house, from your lights to your fridge to your TV to your coffee machine is smart. So, why should your toilet be left out?

Thanks to the revolution, the industry has spawned a range of smart toilets to choose from (remember Mater in Cars 2?), but choosing in itself can be a daunting task.

To help you with the process, we’ve compiled a list of the eight best smart toilets of 2019. Without further ado, let’s get started with the first one!

1. BB-I3000 BioBidet Premium Bidet Seat

The first item on our list is the BB-I3000 by BioBidet.

A quick glance at BioBidet’s website shows that they believe your “butt deserves to be spoiled after carrying you around all day”.

Putting the debate of whether you carry your butt or whether it carries you aside, BioBidet certainly makes products capable of spoiling your butt (not literally!).

About the product

The BB-I3000 is a non-electric smart toilet seat, meaning you won’t have to fiddle around with cords, plugs, wires and batteries.

It comes with a dual-nozzle setup. It features special ‘him’ and ‘her’ wash modes along with a ‘vortex’ mode which utilizes both the nozzles. The nozzles are also self-cleaning, so you won’t have to clean them yourself.

The control setup features a joystick which controls water pressure. It also features a soap dispenser to be used with the feminine wash for a hygienic wash.

Our Experience

In our experience, the BB-I3000 is a simple yet effective bidet.

The dual-nozzle setup works well and the ‘him’ and ‘her’ wash modes are highly appreciated. The pressure adjuster is precise, sturdy and does a good job of regulating water flow.

The same goes for the temperature adjuster, which allows you to change the temperature of the water on-demand, thanks to a continuous warm water supply.

The soap dispenser will help female users with below-the-waist hygiene and also feels premium to use.

Installation is easy, owing to the lack of electronics, but dimensions will have to be matched with your toilet bowl.

  • Dual nozzle design features useful ‘him’ and ‘her’ spray modes
  • Intuitive controls work well
  • Soap dispenser is a novel feature
  • Simple design equates to hassle-free installation and use
  • No electronic features is a con as well
  • Slightly pricey

2. TOTO C100 Washlet Bidet

The second item on our list is the TOTO C100 Washlet. This product comes from TOTO, the world’s largest toilet fittings and equipment manufacturer. TOTO is based in Japan.

About the product

The C100 is a truly premium and upmarket product, even in this company.

It comes in two finishes, Cotton White and Sedona Beige.

The bidet features front and rear water cleanse, which will help keep your nethers clean. The temperature and pressure settings adjust up to five levels.

While toilet bowls are the most unhygienic items in our homes, they need not be so, as the C100 features a pre-mist feature, which keeps the bowl misted to prevent waste from accumulating.

The seat is heated, meaning you will not literally have to freeze your butt off on those chilly December mornings. It also comes with a warm air dryer and an air deodorizer for a pleasant, fragrant experience.

Our Experience

During our time with the C100, we found it to be one of the best bidets on the market today. It is upmarket, premium and loaded with features.

The cleansing is a sublime experience. Nozzles protrude from both the front and the back of the bidet for complete cleansing. The nozzles can adjust the pressure and temperature of the water, so you can adjust the stream exactly to your preference.

We tried the pre-mist and are glad to report that it does a great job of keeping the bowl as hygienic as it can reasonably be. It also prevents emanation of a foul odor and discoloration of the bowl.

The rest of the features include a heated seat, which works pretty well for those cold winter mornings. The warm air dryer feels like a cloud under your posterior and dries you off quickly. Further, the air deodorizer prevents the emission of any foul odor.

As far as controls go, the C100 features an electronic control panel of the right-hand side. It works well and is tactile and responsive, but it isn’t as simple as, say, a joystick.

Installation can be a slight hassle as the C100 is an electronic bidet and you might need to get a power point installed. It’s best to get it installed by a professional.

  • Nozzles have great splash area and adjustability
  • Heated seat and pre-mist will be appreciated
  • Air deodorizer makes freshening up a truly fresh experience
  • Installation might be tacky and cumbersome

3. Luxe Neo 120

The third item on our list is the Luxe Neo 120. This is a completely mechanical bidet, so it does not feature any electrical features.

It comes in two finishes, an all-white finish and a blue-white finish. Luxe bidets was launched by 2Go products in 2008.

About the Product

The Luxe Neo 120 is the most value-for-money bidet in this list. It does not feature any electrical features and thus, retails for 35 dollars.

The bidet comes with a chrome-plated adjuster which adjusts water pressure. The lever is large enough to be operated by children and the elderly.

Unfortunately, the Luxe Neo 120 features only water pressure adjustability and does not feature temperature adjustability.

The Luxe also comes with a retractable nozzle, which hides behind a ‘nozzle guard gate’ when not in use. It is also self-cleaning, meaning the chance of waste and debris accumulation is low.

Our Experience

In our experience, the Luxe Neo 120 did not seem to match up to the competition, but given its low retail price, the lack of features is justified.

The single nozzle (no double nozzle setup here, folks) is angled correctly and pressure can be adjusted precisely over a wide range.

The controls are very intuitive and it doesn’t get any simpler than the Neo’s single pressure adjustment knob.

Whether the Neo scrimps on key features in the pursuit of simplicity or not is dependant on the buyer.

The installation proved to be easy and we were pleasantly surprised to find high-quality parts, such as a ceramic valve and braided steel hoses, beneath the Luxe.

Lastly, the nozzle retracts behind a ‘guard gate’ for sanitary reasons and the feature works well. During our usage, the nozzle popped out of its gate only when in use.

  • Simple device, suitable for children and the elderly
  • Pressure adjustment is easy and effective
  • Installation is simple
  • Quality of parts is impressive
  • Misses out on a lot of features

4. Astor CB-1000

The Astor CB-1000 gives stiff competition to the Luxe Neo 120 for the best value-for-money bidet. Retailing for nearly 25 dollars, it is a full ten dollars cheaper than the Luxe, but, it is even more spartan the Luxe.

About the Product

The Astor CB-1000 is the cheapest bidet on this list and retails for a mere 25 dollars. It comes with little else except a water pressure adjuster, similar to the Luxe Neo.

It does come with a retracting nozzle, but the nozzle does not have a ‘guard gate’ as the Luxe Neo does.

Astor claims that the CB-1000 connects directly to the fresh water supply, meaning you will not have to bother with scratchy toilet paper.

No products found.

Our Experience

During our time with the Astor CB-1000, we found it to be an equivalent of the Luxe Neo 120 as it does most of what the Luxe Neo does but at a cheaper rate.

Starting with the nozzle, it features a brass valve, as opposed to the Neo’s ceramic valve, and while that may be a dealbreaker for some, we don’t see it being much of an issue.

It is angled well-enough and the standard pressure adjuster setup does a good job of regulating pressure precisely and effectively.

We did not particularly miss the Neo’s ‘guard gate’ for the nozzle, but it may be missed during long-term use. The retractable nozzle works well, just like the Luxe Neo’s.

Installation is easy and the Astor comes with alignment bars to make sure that installation takes no longer than 20 minutes with a screwdriver.

  • Simple bidet is easy to use for children and elderly
  • Water pressure adjuster works well
  • Retracting nozzle is a great feature
  • Retails at a dirt-cheap price
  • No real features to write home about


5. SmartBidet SB-1000

Breaking the stream of non-electric bidets on this list in the SmartBidet SB-1000. It is, as you have guessed, an electric bidet.

It comes in a single white finish but comes in two sizes, elongated and round.

The SB-1000 places an emphasis on adjustability more than anything. It features five levels of water pressure adjustability, three levels of temperature adjustability and the nozzle can be adjusted to five positions.

The bidet features an air dryer which also features five levels of adjustability!

Our Experience

During our time with the SB-1000, we found it to be most well-rounded electrical bidet seat. It features all the features which high-end bidets feature, such as adjustable water pressure and temperature.

The controls for the pressure and temperature are located on a remote control. Personally, we would’ve preferred an integrated control panel, as we prefer to hold a magazine or a phone as opposed to a remote for our bidet.

The functions feature a high level of adjustability, so you can adjust each operation to a precise level of intensity.

The self-cleaning nozzle is retractable, which means you don’t have to trouble yourself with cleaning it, probably throughout its lifetime.

Lastly, the air dryer and the soft-close seat distinguish the SB-1000 from low-end bidets.

  • Has all the features as high-end bidets
  • Functions have a high level of adjustability
  • Installation is relatively easy
  • Price is reasonable for a bidet this good
  • No integrated control panel
  • Not as simple as a mechanical bidet

6. GenieBidet Seat

The sixth item we’re featuring on this list is the GenieBidet Seat. Continuing the non-electric bidet representation, this is one of the best bidets which does not utilize electricity.

It comes in two styles, elongated and round. You also buy this as an attachment to your existing bidet. It comes in a single white finish.

About the Product

This bidet features most of the items electrical bidets feature, except it isn’t actually electrical.

It features a feminine cleaning feature, something that has been missing from this list for a while now.

The bidet goes about the job of cleaning your nethers with a dual-nozzle setup. The nozzles retract to prevent waste accumulation and to help with cleaning, though the nozzles are self-cleaning.

It also features a T made of the highest quality material, as GenieBidet does not want it to leak and flood your washroom.

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Our Experience

In our experience, we concluded that if you’re looking for a non-electric bidet which does not skip the features typically found in electric bidets, the GenieBidet is your best option.

Beginning with the cleaning experience, the dual-nozzle setup awakes from its slumber whenever it is needed and provides a gentle spray of water at ambient temperature.

The feminine feature, as reported by our female staff, works well and promotes below-the-waist hygiene for women.

The seat and lid are soft-close items, kind of like the doors you encounter on a luxury vehicle.

The T is made of a very high quality and is not expected to leak anytime soon. It also features an on/off switch for peace of mind.

Installation is simple as there are no electrical fixtures to hassle with, however, the bidet does not fit french curve bowls.

  • Many features, despite the bidet’s being fully mechanical
  • Nozzle setup is one of the best in the industry
  • Feminine clean feature is a welcome addition
  • High quality T is built to last
  • No temperature adjuster

7. KOHLER K-76923-0 Puretide

The penultimate item on our list is the Puretide. It is made by Kohler, a well-known brand in the toilet fixtures and fittings industry.

It comes in two styles, elongated and round, and two finishes, white and a peculiar finish called biscuit. This bidet is completely mechanical.

About the Product

The Puretide is made by Kohler, an American company which has been in the business of manufacturing toilet fixtures and fittings since 1873.

The Puretide features a clean and minimal design, sporting a single wand for controlling the bidet. The single wand, apart from being simple, is also convenient, as it cleans itself. It controls water pressure and position.

The bidet also features a quiet-close lid and seat, and the bidet installs and detaches quickly for minimal hassle.

Our Experience

During our time with the Puretide, we found it to be more of a niche product which emphasizes aesthetics and brand value over functionality.

The bidet is controlled by a single lever located on the right-hand side. The lever controls water pressure and direction.

We found the lever setup to be very convenient and simple to use. If you’re planning to buy this bidet for use by children or the elderly, it is an excellent choice.

Installation is easy as the bidet features Quick-Attach hardware. It also features a Quick-Release hinges which make cleaning a simple task. Apart from these features, the lid features Quiet-Close technology, so your late night trips to the toilet will make a little less noise.

We, however, cannot forgive the fact that this bidet does not sport features like a temperature adjuster, which we would’ve expected at this price point.

  • Simple, convenient controls
  • Build quality is one of the best
  • Quick attach, release and quiet close lid are welcome additions
  • Brand name helps the bidet
  • Lack of features at this price point is inexcusable

8. American Standard 5900A05G.020 Aqua Wash

The ultimate item on our list is the American Standard Aqua Wash. Like the Kohler and many other items on this list, it is a mechanical bidet, meaning it does not utilise any electrical attachments whatsoever. It comes in two styles, ‘bidet’ and ‘modern’.

About the Product

The bidet features very basic features, akin to the ones found on the Kohler. The nozzles feature adjustable spray pattern and they are detachable, should you need to customise your bidet.

The bidet features a one-touch lift-off feature for easy cleaning and slow-close hinges to prevent slamming of the seat. It also features a telescopic ring which circumscribes the seat.

Our Experience

In our experience, the American Standard Aqua Wash is a reasonably-priced upmarket bidet which is perfect if you’re concerned about what brand of bidet you buy but don’t want to break the bank.

We found the cleaning to be unique in its own way. The bidet features adjustable spray patterns to fit bodies of different shapes and sizes, so no pressure or temperature adjusters here.

Further, the slow-close hinges, the telescopic ring and the detachable nozzles make cleaning an incredibly easy task.

Of course, we did miss the absence of a lot of features which low-rated bidets feature. But, since the emphasis seems to be on the brand rather than functionality, we guess this is forgivable.

  • Features adjustable spray patterns
  • Upmarket brand
  • Cleaning is an easy task
  • Soft-close lid feels premium
  • A lot of features missing
  • Quality of materials is nothing special


A smart bidet can transform your toilet experience. With features ranging from temperature adjusters, pressure adjusters to feminine wash modes, they have everything you can possibly think of.

Buying a bidet can be daunting but the ones we’ve featured on this list are the cream of the crop and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Happy washing!