Want to know why a bird feeder is a must have for your garden? Bird feeders are an affordable and easy way to bring both beauty and excitement to your yard. Find some new friends to share your coffee with. If you’re looking to attract finches or hummingbirds, and if you want to leave out suet for high-calorie winter feeding. Explore our collection and choose the one you love!

1. Blue Cottage Birdfeeder – $14.80

The North States Blue Cottage birdfeeder is part of an extensive Village Collection of feeders. This charming country cottage feeder has the capacity to hold 5 lbs. of your favorite seed. Want to monitor the seed level? That’s no problem with this feeder. Simply look into the white framed windows to view the seed. When it’s time to fill, lift off the chimney found on the top of the feeder. Want to clean out the feeder? The large tray/perch is easily removable which makes cleaning a breeze. This versatile feeder can either be used hanging or on a pole mount and offers a three year warranty. Measuring 10.25 x 9.5 x 11 inches high, this feeder will last for years to come and brighten any backyard. For a unique backyard landscape, add additional themed Village Collection birdfeeders to create your very own village.

2. Perky-Pet Classic Bird Feeder – from $6.24

Enjoy the peace and tranquility birds can bring to your yard with help from this Garden Song Classic Bird Feeder. One of the most economical and easy-to-use bird feeders on the market, this long, skinny, tube-style bird feeder offers a classic shape designed to attract finches and a wide variety of other wild birds. From chickadees, cardinals, house finches, and bright yellow Goldfinches to blue jays, starlings, warblers, and more, the feeder lures wild birds into your yard so you can watch them for hours from your window or simply listen to them trill and chirp away while you lounge peacefully on your porch or patio.

3. Craft Acrylic Window Bird Feeder – $9.99

This large see-through bird feeder mounts on your window so that you can watch your favorite neighborhood birds up close! Secures to a clean window with three extra strong suction cups that hold their suction even in extreme weather. New design now includes a removable tray so there is no need to remove the whole feeder from the window to clean and refill.

Both the removable tray and main feeder now have drain holes so the seed can dry in the event of rain or snow. You can be proud to give this bird feeder as a gift. The unique artwork on the box this feeder comes in will instantly impress your friends and family. Install and cleaning instructions are also located on the back of the box for the recipient’s convenience.

4. BirdMaster Window Bird Feeder– $49.99

Most entertaining feeder ever! Hours of fun for you, your family, and even your cats and dogs. Birds love it :) Attract all kind of birds and turn your window into an unforgettable wildlife party.

5. Wild Bird Feeder with Cardinal Perch Ring and 6 Feeding Ports– from $52.55

You can locate this bird feeder anywhere and be squirrel free. Position it to get great close-up views of your favorite birds. Hang your Squirrel Buster Plus over a window, in a tree, on a deck, a fence, in your garden, on the side of your house, from a rain trough or over sliding doors. Use brackets, extension hooks and tree hooks to hang your feeder at the recommended clearance. Hooks and brackets are available at birding stores, garden centers, and hardware supply stores.

6.  No Coffee Pot Mesh Bird Feeder– $15.72

If you love your morning Cup of Joe, then why not let your backyard Birds get in on the action! while they may not love coffee, you can serve them black oil sunflower seed from this no/no coffee pot bird feeder. This uniquely shaped bird feeder looks just like a bright blue coffee pot & can be filled withup to 2 lbs of sunflower seed for Birds to eat. Multiple Birds can cling to the Diamond mesh surface & pull out the seed of their choice. Additionally, the mesh design allows water to drain so seed remains fresh & dry in any weather. This feeder’s all metal construction offers superior durability to ensure years of bird feeding enjoyment, while the powder-coated finish resists damage from rust. Use the attached metal hanger to place your bird feeder in a location where you can easily see it because you’ll soon be getting a lot of bird visitors with this feeder!

7. Large Window Bird Feeder – $20.98

This large crystal clear acrylic bird feeder mounts effortlessly on your window or glass door so that you can get unparalleled up close views of your favorite feathered friends. Learn their habits, feeding behaviors, and experience social interactions between species like you’ve never imagined. The birds will thank you and you’ll feel good about yourself in the process. Large 2 cup capacity (11.8x5x4″) feeder means that you have to refill less often and the see-through design makes it easy to monitor food levels at a glance. Included hooks make the feeder easy to remove for cleaning and filling to ensure healthy and happy birds.

8. Gardirect Deluxe Wooden Wild Bird Feeder  $21.99

The Gardirect bird feeder made of New Zealand pine, the feeder comes with a triangular seed diverter at bottom of food room, to keep bird get seed easily, clear window make it easy to monitor seed levels, food room can hold up to 4lbs mixed seed, include two suet cages at end of the bird feeder, can holds up to 2 standard suet cakes. Gardirect is dedicated to helping you create an environment that attracts, protects and feeds birds of all species in every season throughout the year.

9. Abundance Songbird Feeder with Six Feeding Ports– from $18.00

Appropriately named ‘Abundance’, our Abundance Songbird Feeder can accommodate a large quantity of bird seed allowing you to attract an abundant amount of birds! And by selecting which seed to serve, you Choose Your Birds. Our Stay Full Ports ensure that seed is evenly distributed, even when the seed gets low. All six feeding stations can accommodate mixed seed or use the thistle inserts to serve Thistle/Nyjer (insert included). The perches are adjustable to fit different sized birds allowing you to control who visits your feeder. The large, wide mouth tube is easy to fill and easy to clean. The Abundance Songbird Feeder is sure to keep hungry birds happy for years to come.

10. Songbird Essentials Hopper Feeder  $60.71

11. Large Clear Window Bird Feeder – $22.95

The Pleasant Nature window bird feeder brings the beauty and peace of nature right to you. We have designed a durable, high quality bird feeder that is built to last for years! Featured in the design is a removable feed tray that easily slides in and out for cleaning and refilling. The tray also includes three separate sections for different seeds so you can find out what the birds in your area like! The entertainment this bird feeder brings is a perfect way to bring the whole family together. We hope that it brings you as much joy as it has brought us.

12. Yardly Noticed Window Bird Feeder with Removable Tray– $19.95

This window bird feeder accommodates multiple birds at once with more areas for birds than ever before! A traditional perch along the front as well as an additional perch installed on the cross-section of the removable interior tray so smaller birds can reach easier!

13. Hampton Direct Window Mounted Bird Feeder – $12.99

Watch birds up close by your window! Feeder safely attaches to any glass surface, and crystal-clear acrylic housing allows you to enjoy close-up bird watching from the comfort of your home. Perfect size for most backyard bird species and flip-top lid makes for easy seed filling. Includes super-strong, all-weather suction cups for mounting, and 2-way mirror film so you can see birds, without them seeing you

14. Desert Steel – Hanging Bird Seed Cake Feeder – Pear Blossom Flower – from $34.99

Function and beauty collide with the Desert Steel Pear Blossom Bird Seed Cake Feeder. Nothing beats the convenience and cleanliness of seed cakes and suet for feeding birds. Simply drop in any standard seed/suet cake to get the dinner party started. Hang from your favorite spot or attach to any window using the included hanging chain or suction cups. Either way, the two different options allow you to pick your favorite spot for bird watching.

15. Worth Garden Wooden Bird Feeder with White Swing Chair Design –  $22.70

This feeder chair can be hanged in everywhere in your garden at any time. It can hold up to 5.18lbs for birds standing on the frame and eating their seeds. It is not only for feeding birds but enjoying the nature life. This will help attract more birds to your bird feeder. Get the feeder chair for those lovely birds and for your garden decoration. Also, is a great Christmas gift for your children and family.