Whether you’re painting the walls of your home, staining your deck or spray foam insulation, it is important to practice before attempting any projects. The quality of your work depends on your technique and the smoothness of the surface you are spraying. This is where the Graco or Bolair mobile spray rig comes in handy.
Spray machines at Bolair are designed to provide complete coverage and perfect results, making any job easier and faster.

Simple to Maintain

Bolair designs their spray machines to be as simple to maintain as possible. When it comes to sprayers, all that is needed for a general maintenance is a quick purge with water or solvent after each use. It is also a good idea to lubricate the piston cup and filters. Then, a spray pattern test on cardboard can be used to ensure that the equipment is still shooting at the right pressure and is producing a consistent, high-quality result. In addition, Bolair offers complete, turnkey spray rigs that are essentially a business in a box. These rigs are outfitted with the spray foam insulation and coating equipment needed for a particular application, as well as generators, compressors, air dryers, and power equipment. Bolair service staff handles repairs in-shop at their Halton Hills and Edmonton locations or on-site at customer jobsites.

High-Quality Materials

Whether you’re painting large surface areas like walls, spraying protective coatings on cars, or staining home decks, your Bolair machine uses the same quality materials and parts to ensure it delivers high-quality results. They are built to last and backed by a warranty.
Spray foam insulation reinforces a building’s structure and prevents the entrance of harmful air pollutants like carbon monoxide, pollen, radon dust, mold, and moisture. It also deadens sound to minimize noise traveling between rooms in commercial buildings and homes.
A whip hose is a shorter and narrower in diameter piece of hose that you use between your regular hose and the gun to give you more flexibility and reduce hand fatigue when spraying for longer periods of time.


When it comes to a warranty for spray foam insulation equipment, Bolair is a name you can trust. Our company offers a full 12-month warranty on all products, so you can rest assured knowing you are purchasing high-quality equipment backed by an experienced team. This is a valuable addition to your business and will allow you to serve your customers with confidence, helping to increase job satisfaction rates and ultimately boost profits. Wagner will only be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of the Product, which shall constitute the sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty. This warranty is in lieu of any and all other warranties, express or implied.