This is an architect’s home. Just as you would expect, it is fabulous right down to the story behind it. Architect and furniture designer Pedro Useche has created this open plan home, his own, settled in a lush tropical garden in São Paulo, Brazil. His talent shaped his artistic expression and his residence represents his success. Each furniture piece in this residence is designed by the architect himself, adding character to the interiors. Located in Sao Paolo, Brasil, the residence owned by the Venezuelan architect Pedro Useche can be described as a versatile safe heaven.

The three-storey residence gathers 1,000 square meters of private and entertaining spaces. A double-height living room offers plenty of space for the architect’s art collections and creates a bright and airy atmosphere. Solar energy panels are the eco-friendly feature every home needs and the luscious garden creates a sense of equilibrium. A home full of discoveries for the eye. I can imagine walking in and racing from spot to spot exploring all the treasures of a creative mind. The wonderful photography is by Fran Parente.

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