Das Haus is an annual installation at the fair, inviting designers to create their vision of an ideal home. Every year at IMM Cologne, a designer is asked to build what they believe is the house of the future. Called Das Haus, this year’s concept was contributed by Italian designer Luca Nichetto, who borrowed elements of design from modernist architecture in California and Japan and from Carlo Scarpa to create a striking new home that is positively brimming with greenery. Luca Nichetto took inspiration from modernist architecture in California, the art of the Japanese masters and the buildings of Carlo Scarpa to create an eco-friendly environment that blurs the divisions between inside and outside.Concerned to eliminate the boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors, Nichetto designed a home that has plants everywhere: on shelves, in the bathroom, on the walls and there is even a small interior vegetable garden. Thyme and Rosemary plants grow in the kitchen and the living room is the home’s “green lung,” with tall evergreen trees that create a natural boundary between separate functions. The house was made up of semi-enclosed walls and large windows, with plants along the shelves and in vases on the floor.


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