Do you love skiing? Then, you are on the right page! The chalet spotted on invites you to enjoy your favorite winter sport in Megève, is a commune in the Rhône-Alpes region, in south-eastern France with a population of over 4,000 residents. Imagine a painting: the charming stone villages, the yellow of the broom against the gray granite villages…who wouldn’t like to admire similar landscapes during his holiday? If you choose  Megève, you’ll discover the beauty of the nature at its best! The town is well-known due its popularity as a ski resort near the Mont-Blanc in the French Alps. Sun Arbois Chalet  has a refined, harmonious, precious interior design, being accessorized with high technology items.

A relaxation area in front of a fireplace.
Lots of fluffy pillows and a king size bed!
A dreamy picture in the evening
The chalet is one of the most luxurious accommodation unit in Megeve.
Let it snow, let it snow…
The bathroom is an oasis of relaxation.
All the rooms have a balcony or a terrace.
Do you know to play the piano?
Spectacular chandeliers in the dining room.
Home cinema, disco with view of inside the swimming pool.
If you don’t meet the polar bear on the ski slope, be sure he is waiting inside, sleeping like a baby! :)
Swimming pool area with spa, shower, toilet and bar.

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