Spotted on, the house represents an amazing project that mixes different styles of homes, Ampurdán and Provence. In Girona, near the border of France, a couple from Barcelona bought an old barn and transformed it into a cozy home. As you can notice from the pictures below, natural touches abound in the open living area. Take advantage of the large room sizes in a barn. In the bathroom, float an oversize tub in the center of the room. Work contemporary fixtures in to keep the look modern and less themed. Modern and rustic styles complement each other beautifully. The walls are clad in knotty pine, and the fireplace gathers all the family together. In the dinig room, they chose very simple table and chairs—wood themselves, in order to relate to the surroundings—and a customized chandelier. They are modernists who have ended up living in old structures.

 The pool represents one of the most attractive places from the property.

  Large, tall plants give the terrace a forestlike air.










 The wooden beams that support the interior come from a 150-year-old barn frame.