The modern loft-style structure is very flexible thanks to its sliding doors and mobile partitions, which can divide the 1,400 square foot space in a multitude of ways. Located in the Near West Side of snowy Syracuse, New York, the home is placed to maximize solar exposure – skylight tubes line the roof, and large windows fill the rooms with light. The building is enveloped with Structural Insulated Panels to prevent solar gain and preserve energy. Adjustable perforated screens were designed to wrap the exterior, bouncing filtered daylight inside and mimicking the natural filtration of light through a tree canopy. A perforated screen, inspired by the pattern of dappled light filtering through trees, wraps the western and northern facades and bounces daylight into the house. An oversize, garage-type front door can fold down to engage the sidewalk and street, creating an open-air anteroom of “prospect and refuge.” The layout can be serve as an office space, a neighborhood gathering center, or even a loft living space for couples.

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