Simple, functional, yet cozy and contemporary. The house spotted on was built with a very limited budget, having in mind a large open space with lots of beds, a cooking area in the middle  and washing facilities outside. I find it very interesting the fact that there is no hierarchy between the doors – anyone can be used as an entrance. Four large openings are placed according to rotational symmetry, one in each facade: a fixed window facing north, and other three glazed doors. And, in order to bring more natural light inside, two roof windows add skylight to the interior. The walls are built out of lightweight concrete masonry blocks and the roof is covered with corrugated steel sheets, preferably used on farm buildings in the region. Measurements of the building volume and openings were chosen to fit the size of the masonry blocks so the waste of material could be minimized.

hamra house-designrulz-001
A house as simple as possible.
hamra house-designrulz-002
The house was given a traditional building volume with plastered walls and with a 45degrees gable roof without gutters.
hamra house-designrulz-004
The walls are built out of lightweight concrete masonry blocks.
hamra house-designrulz-006
The interior space is dominated by two plywood volumes which, in and above, that offer space for playing and sleeping.
hamra house-designrulz-008
All serving functions are organized along a 90cm wide strip running through the house.
hamra house-designrulz-007
Spacial functions like stairs, storage, closets, bookshelf etc. are located along the serving strip.
hamra house-designrulz-014
The kitchen is situated in the middle of the house: a 3,1mx0,9m concrete bench with an integrated fire-place.
hamra house-designrulz-003
The house is situated in Gotland, Sweden.

hamra house-designrulz-005 hamra house-designrulz-009 hamra house-designrulz-010 hamra house-designrulz-011 hamra house-designrulz-012 hamra house-designrulz-013 hamra house-designrulz-015 hamra house-designrulz-016 hamra house-designrulz-017 hamra house-designrulz-018 hamra house-designrulz-019 hamra house-designrulz-020 hamra house-designrulz-021 hamra house-designrulz-022 hamra house-designrulz-023 hamra house-designrulz-024 sitplan 1_500.pdf