Vibrant colors, modern furnishings, hot paintings and shocking decorative objects represent the key when you want a lovely home with personality. You can bring fantasy into your home even if you are not a great artist! The house we present you today was realized by Yakusha design studio that offered to their clients a solution of contrasts: much of this interior is built on differences, cozy and warm wood and glass, living plants and ceramic tiles. People that constantly live in the city at a very fast rhythm get tired of concrete and glass and they want to bring inside their home a real nature. This is the case, we have a large house made from concrete and glass outside and we have the trees and nature inside. Charming just a phenomenal family with four children was the inspiration for interior in “eco” style. Children’s area and the corridor is a special honor, because there are an interesting mix of materials and colors, lawn grasses and colorful squares.

About the studio: Yakusha design — studio, offering the best solutions of interior design, landscaping and architectural design. We are on the market since 2002 and carry out projects of varying complexity in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk and other cities in Ukraine and abroad. Yakusha design — a team of professionals of the new generation. It so happens that most of our employees sense of taste was influenced by European understanding of architecture and design, away from the Soviet panel buildings with the same type of repairs. Perhaps because of this we will never be invited to make interior for the government nomenclature summer cottage. But any of our interiors is easy to imagine in the Ukrainian house and in the building somewhere on the coast of the Ionian Sea.

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