Flip House, designed by Fougeron Architecture is a redevelopment project that transforms the layout of house, allowing it to connect with its urban landscape. Located in San Francisco, both the façade and interior spaces of the ‘Flip House‘ have been reinvented. Like many San Francisco homes, this one poorly integrated its many levels with each other and with its sloping topography and solar orientation.Its architectural design is particularly unique because it adapts to the challenging San Francisco landscape, giving it distinct character and charm. A glass wall allows for natural light to wash over the entire interior of the house, making it bright and creating a pleasant environment. Divided into three vertical panels that push in and out, this dynamic prism brings animating light and spectacular views to the communal living spaces, now placed at the rear. Bedrooms were flipped to the front. The open plan of the second floor allows the kitchen and living room space to look down into this den and outward to the striking city, Bay, and garden vistas beyond. Now, the entry leads you to a foyer that disperses the circulation and comes in the advantage of its inhabitants. A flip that conversed a solitary house into one that communicates with its surroundings and takes advantage of its placement in the sunny land of California. And for the best atmosphere, it uses a very good San Francisco indoor air quality service for heating and air-conditioning. Be sure to let us know what you think!

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