Spotted on, the Water House is a lab store that distills rainwater into drinking water. Owner Bosco Quinzanos sees the House of Water as an answer to Mexico City’s fraught relationship with water: in this often rainy metropolis of more than 20 million, there always seems to be either too much or too little. Relying on chic contemporary interior design and finishes to the distilling factory, he developed a trend of ‘artisan water’ that could sell well everywhere! THiNC Studio designed the interior offering smart solutions in white brick, wood, concrete, taking into consideration the traditional process drinking water is obtained. Bent on adding value, the House of Water runs the purified water through a process to restore minerals and ionize it.  And, a funny inside detail: before bottling, the purified water runs over stones engraved with the words “love,” “respect” and “gratitude” and is exposed, in bottles, to soothing classical music playing in the store. What do you say about that?

aqua house-designrulz-008
It’s inspired by artisan processes, a brand that evokes nostalgia.
aqua house-designrulz-001
Employing an elaborate purification system, which includes a period of “harmonization” in the final stage, the House of Water bottles rainwater. But the also sell a concept: ecology, sustainability, harmony.
aqua house-designrulz-002
The rainwater filters through a teak patio and garden of cherry, orange and lime trees and carpets of lavender, mint and thyme into storage tanks. The water then passes through increasingly fine filtration systems and distillation machines.
aqua house-designrulz-003
They deliver the highest quality water in Mexico.
aqua house-designrulz-004
In theHouse of Water, a palette of black, white and cream and the branding on bottles seems to echo the ink-on-paper sketches of 19th century inventions.
aqua house-designrulz-005
Transparent, clean design for the House of Water

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