Are you looking for unusual, spectacular details to beautify your house? Then, you’ve come to the right place! The house spotted on was built for a nonconformist couple who wanted to stay away from stereotypes of regionalist design. It is located in La Riviera Nayarit – Punta Mita, Mexico and it has one of the most incredible bathrooms I’ve ever seen: a stone bathtub was fixed in the garden, near a palm tree, overlooking the ocean… is there anything you could ask for after a tiring day? But, if you’re not one of the ten luckiest men on the planet who could afford such a luxury, then you can borrow other interesting details Casa La Punta shelters inside. Both residents were a part of the design process, she, with an inexhaustible talent, engages directly with the theme of the furniture, and he gives shape to his ideas with technical creativity.

The project is divided into three modules: the input module contains the service areas as well as a workshop to double height, the main module houses the public and private areas of the house, the third module is an open terrace very close the sea.
In the main module, the ground floor is an open space.
The upper floor is divided into two parts, the master suite and two suites of visits.
Spotlights lead you while climbing the stairs.
Overlooking the ocean…
A rock or a sculpture?
It seems the main concern was to accommodate the interior with the exterior.
If you have no idea where the paradise is…

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