This small single family house is located inbetween the countryside and suburbian Stockholm. The entire structure is coloured in a shade of green. Two small houses opposite the main house frame the large stone courtyard. This is a great get-away trip for families or friends, who are looking for the vicinity to the nature and the wilderness, yet next to Stockholm’s center. There is many fantastic walks to do in the forest closed to the house. The place is perfect for a single family who wants to enjoy Stockholm and Lidingö, relaxing in a house with over 1000m2 garden. Everything from the sun-lit dining room, to the wilderness trails, to the solar-powered electrical system, have been carefully located and constructed to showcase the many natural attributes this unique getaway offers.

Franson Wreland is a full service Architectural and Design Firm offering design services for new and remodeled residences, public buildings, retail and commercial structures. Corner pillars in their work process are creativity and engagement. They have earned a reputation for smart, functional and beautiful design as well as first-rate customer service.

The green facade perfectly integrates in the environment.


The natural light comes inside all day long.
A reading corner
The dining room is a modern mix of contemporary furniture and traditional elements such as the Oriental carpet on the floor.
The hallway
Strong contrasts with red walls in the bathroom.
Per Franson and Mattias Wreland, both born 1971, formed Franson Wreland Architecture and Design Studio in Stockholm in 2001. Since then Franson Wreland has gained valuable experience in the field of residential design, as well as a variety of other projects, including interior design, office spaces, retail design and product design.

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