Open spaces clustered against the core – that’s what we call a building where areas are wisely organized! Spotted on archdaily, Sentosa House was designed by architect Nicholas Burns. As its name specifies it clearly, it is located  in Santosa Island from Singapore, being completed in 2012. The structure is designed to allow reconfiguration to future needs, walls can be erected where required. Therefore, these open spaces created a very adaptable building with areas freed from pre determined function. Maybe, you’ll change your mind tomorrow and you’d like to move the living room in the bedroom or vice versa.  Following the concept, the materials were chosen for their inherent qualities. Recycled golden teak, fair faced concrete, stone and steel all offer duality of function. The decorative element is provided by their richness and texture. Views are framed, and vary in scale, sometimes intimate and close into a court, other times expanding into borrowed landscape of the jungle and out to distant vistas.

The house is located in Santosa Island from Singapore.
Time to relax and enjoy open spaces…
No paradise without a garden.
Natural light comes inside through a beautiful grid system.
Environment, the house is designed for the tropical climate. The recycled teak screen and desk fits over the concrete structure and glazing protecting it from the sun allowing the thermal mass of the concrete to stabilise the internal temperature.
The structural design using flat slabs reduces concrete usage by 25%. All of the timber is recycled.

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